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Use Email to Build Relationships – Not To Sell

Use Email to Build Relationships – Not To Sell

buy it Use your email to BUILD relationships with your clients – not to sell them!

Psychologically (and you may already know this), a real relationship is built using many different mediums. Conversations, video’s, in short questions, long questions, etc. I could list one hundred different ways for you to build a relationship with other people.

One hundred different ways that are REAL.

readme Fake is one way – like a billboard or a google ad.

buy it Email marketing, when you only use one kind of email to communicate with your list (or just 2 kinds in most marketers cases), for the most part, feels subconsciously like a cheap imitation – it just feels like a fake. Like you are a cheat.

And fakes cannot be trusted.

That is why so many marketers find that their readers do not trust them or bond with them. The emails they send out seem “fake.” 

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They can be delivering great content, but if the relationship itself feels fake, then no bonding occurs. No bonding means you are not connecting at the subconscious level where the prospect can learn to trust what you are saying.

click here And you MUST have bonding in order to build relationships.

 And you MUST build relationships to build long term customers.

 And you MUST have long term customers in order to have coaching clients.

Coaching clients don’t enroll primarily based on the words on the sales page. Instead, the words on the sales page simply give them the information and the boost (the push) to take action. But they choose (subconsciously) to coaching with YOU because of the relationship that has ALREADY been developed.

And you could send them a full book each day of great content, but it wouldn’t build relationships. And only a very rare person would ever join your coaching program.

Maybe one way to look at this is that your email campaign is designed to build relationships so that people will trust you. Then they enroll in your coaching and trainings so that they can learn from you.

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Each email style in your email campaign is just a tool. Remember that. But you need many tools. You can’t just send a hammer everyday. Or just send a wrench everyday. But one day a hammer, one day a wrench. Then one day a screwdriver, and soon you have the whole toolbox.

readme If done properly, your email campaign will build such a relationship, your clients will look forward to your emails – just to see what “tool” you have sent them that particular day!

Use email marketing simply to build a relationship with your clients. Do not try to sell them through the emails. You may mention a new product, service, etc. and “how this might be something you could use.” That should be the extent of your selling through the email. Just provide a link and say, “You can check it out and get more information “here” (and provide the link).

Let the sales page do the selling. The sales page will provide all of the information the prospect needs in determining if the product is “right” for them.

Do not try to “sell” using email marketing. Use your emails to build trust and to “bond” with your client. Provide useful information FREE of charge through your emails. Then, when you do offer a product, service, etc. – the client will figure “This must really be good! If the stuff he/she gave away worked… this must really good stuff!”

Relationships. Bonding. Trust. Those are the ONLY things you need to concentrate on using email marketing.

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Why Amateur’s Encounter Scams and Frauds Instead of Money

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Amateur’s Encounter Scams and Frauds Instead of Money.

Almost everyone who gets into internet marketing wants only one thing -“Money!” And the mindset most feel is “the quicker they get it, the better.” Most people fail to realize that internet marketing is like any other offline business: You need to have something to sell, and to sell “that thing,” you need to market your business. You need to know how to avoid the scams and frauds that are out there.

celine handbags You also need to have some form of payment processor to bill your customers for your service. People make money by either working for a business or starting their own business. In the online world you do the same thing. If you need to make money online, then you need to start delivering products or services that add value to your customers. If you are not delivering value, you will not make a living online (or in a business offline, either)!

buy it There is no “get rich quick scheme”

If you are new to Internet Marketing, then you will see a lot of “bright, shiny objects.” This is the name veteran marketers give to the latest fads that claim to help you make a lot of money, very fast. These are scams run almost totally by fraudsters. Their only intention is to extort money from those who do not know better. Their target market is the new people venturing into Internet Marketing. Namely, you!

The e-books or the videos these guys supply is information that is available for free online. These books will do you no good, no matter how good they claim to be. Avoid purchasing e-books and guides without getting your feet wet in the Internet Marketing world. If you will just take a little bit of time to do your own research, you will be able to save a lot of money.

My adage, that I continue to harp to my clients in my membership training classes, is to “never purchase any product (other than the basics to get set up) until you make the money through your business to actually purchase it.” In other words, get your website and business up and running BEFORE you buy an of the “latest gadgets and software” that claim you can make millions of dollars by this time next week!

The Good News

You need to start learning what works and what does not work by learning from people who actually make money online. Search for Internet Marketing forums and blogs by other Internet Marketers. You can meet a lot of professional marketers as well as lot of like-minded amateur Internet Marketers in these forums. Go and read through the pages. Look for free resources and tools which can enable you to set up your own website. Never shy away from searching and learning about something that you do not know. You will be amazed at the information that is readily available online – for FREE!

canada goose buy it The first website that I started was a ministry website. But I stumbled around and finally found someone who was able and willing to answer my questions and help me in the set up. The only cost associated was the hosting fee and the domain name. I finally got the website to where I liked the “feel” of it – and began to advertise it. I never went in for the “fads” of the time. I did it all my self. The results? I began to receive some orders for the products (books and CD’s) where were offered for sale through the website. I could have wasted thousands of dollars using “the next best thing” when the old-fashioned way saved me money (and made some money) in the process.

buy it About three years ago, I decided to enter the Internet Marketing business for myself (separate from the ministry, which continues to operate – but is a “not for profit” ministry. This business venture was set up as if I had a traditional “business” for the intent to “make money in exchange for services or products”).

click here The most important lesson I learned quickly about online business was the need to reinvest the money you make online in order to make more money. There is risk involved. But it is a business and Internet Marketing is a very serious business. I spent thousands of dollars chasing “the latest fad” (the bright, shiny objects), before I learned the main lesson I now live by and teach. “Start with the basics and when the money comes in – then and only then – decide on what product will help your business grow.”

click here I purchased a “done for you” website done by a “guru.” I did not know how to add to the content, change the content or even how to operate it. I had to “go through them” for everything. After about two months of no sales at all – I cancelled. Guess what, after I cancelled, I had “zero” customer support! I basically dumped the website and started over. Once I learned how to set up a website, I discovered I had more control over it. I was able to get professional designs to suit my website and style.

Having your own website, though, is just the beginning. There is a lot of work involved to make your website a success. My definition of a successful online business is “having a website that makes money for you by providing valuable service to the customers who use the website.” The websites maintenance cost comes from the income of the website itself.

Growing your online business

Once I had found that I was achieving a small level of success, I stopped writing content for the website. I was making money through “Ad Sense” advertisements (you can search for what it is and how it works on YouTube) and I became lazy and unmotivated. My income started dwindling because my regular readers left the blog due to the lack of fresh content. By the time I realized the mistake I was making – I had not updated the site in almost three months! I was adding more advertisements on my website trying to make more income from the traffic coming from the search engines. This was another big mistake (and it lost my search engine rankings in the process as well). In other words, I lost all the way around!

From studying my mistakes, I discovered that you need to keep growing your business at all times. It is a never-ending process. So I started writing regular content again. I slowly changed from strictly selling products to a membership program. I also introduced a newsletter for my free members. The newsletter enables me to send emails to my subscriber’s with ease. The membership program is designed to provide information on how to start and grow your business while avoiding the traps that I (and others) encountered.

click here Believe me when I say that making money online is possible – if you play the game right and put in a lot of hard work and creativity. Do what is necessary to grow your business instead of looking for an e-book or “latest and greatest” gadget that claims to provide you with an “overnight” success story.

canada goose Slow and steady will win just about every time! The membership program started small. It took a little while to catch on. But I continued to manage it as if it had 100 members. This “practice” identifies the bumps and things that you must do to work better. Don’t try to get rich overnight – you will lose almost every time. Less than 1% actually make the overnight success story.

celine bags Go slow. Build slow. Stay in the game. WIN the game!

Are you interested in beginning a career in internet marketing? I have a “beginners course”  that goes into this area with you. My “Four Weeks to Your First Online Income” is something that will give you the information you need to start successful and be successful. And it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! So if, at the end of the course, you still have not made your first sale, just ask for your money back! That is how much I believe in this program. Go to link above or click HERE to enroll in the “Four Weeks to Your First Online Income”!

Pt 5 – Top 10 Reasons Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail Pt 5 – 

Part 5: Not Recognizing a Scam

SCAMS. Bob Thibodeau SUPER SMALLThey are everywhere! If you have spent more than 10 minutes on the Internet, you probably have recognized a few. Unfortunately, when someone begins an online marketing business, even though they know it is “probably” a scam, they still fall for it! WHY?

Well, since they are “new” to the online business world, of course they want to make money. For a lot of newbie internet marketers, they might have lost their job and the lure of “fast profits”brings them to the position of “trying” online marketing.

This sets them up for falling to the scams.

Watch this Video on YouTube

Read this article on Ezine.com

A person who is in that type of position usually needs money and needs it fast. The rent is due, the unemployment checks are running out, etc., etc. They begin by making a quality decision to research before they purchase anything. And that is how they begin.

They research. They read. They compare. Two, three, four days go by. At this time, they are getting overwhelmed. Too much data and too much to try and remember. Then, a headline jumps out at them…something to the effect of:

“This little trick will revolutionize how online marketing is done!”

As they read the sales letter, they are told “how it used to be done.” And that matches up with what they have heard and most of what they have read. Then the writer of the sales letter “sets the hook.” They are told that he (or the sellers of the product) have developed this “new thing.” They have tested it and it is extremely successful. They have made “thousands of dollars in a matter of days.”

They are now ready to release it in a major launch…BUT they are willing to let the first 100 people buy it NOW, not of $497…not of $297…not for $197…not even for $97! But, if the first 100 people want to purchase this prior to the official release, they can buy it for $27!

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So, the newbie internet marketer is looking at that and decides, “Well, it’s only $27. If it works, I can make all of this money quickly.” So they buy it. Then they are launched into the “sales funnel.” They get this really, really good upgrade – “a must have” if you bought the prior product. It is only $49.

The newbie internet marketer thinks, “Well, I’ll go ahead and get that so I can have an even better chance of making money quickly.” Then they get hit with a “Done for You” type program for $197. They can be up and running in just two days!

“Well, that is better than me trying to set it all up. That way I will know it is set up the way it is supposed to be operating. All I have to do is make the money!”

Now, instead of being cautious, the newbie internet marketer has just spent $273 (that probably was not in the budget). They do not know how to set up and manage their website. They do not know the intricacies of how the product works. They only thing they have accomplished is to have a product loaded to a website. PERIOD!

They do not even have an email list to send traffic to!

If this sounds like you, GOOD! You have identified yourself as having fallen for a SCAM! (I’m not saying it is good you fell for the scam – but that you have now identified “how” it happened).

Some of things to look for (and AVOID) are:

When they promise you will make thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time with very little work…

When they say the only source of income if the participation fee of people you recruit…

When there is no “tangible” product or service that you are selling…

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Another thing to avoid is “Multi-Level Marketing” programs (also known as “Pyramid Schemes”). These will all have one thing in common…they bait you with extremely low “membership fees.” The newbie internet marketer cannot fathom why they should not, at least, “try” this marketing program. The price is only “$7” (or something like that).

Then they will be bombarded with emails and phone calls telling them how much money people are making and “you need to move up to the next level of membership” to increase your cut of the pie!

Then there will be the “testimonies” of people who have made “six figures” in just six months or so! The pressure continues to mount…they tell you to “borrow the money” to move higher and higher up the membership ladder. They will hit you with the guilt trip, “Don’t you want to provide for your family?” type questions…

I know many people who have fallen for this sort of trap. I almost did myself when I was first starting out. Once I heard the “pitch” to move up my membership level, I began to do research on the company (they conveniently hid the company name during the initial sales pitch – a BIG RED FLAG)!. Once I seen the complaints online, I quickly requested my refund within the specified time period. I still get phone calls from their phone bank operators (I’ve learned the area codes and justhang up).

So, let me close by saying this…


You must become part of a program that allows you to learn as you go. You must learn the basics before you can advance. You must learn how to build a website before you should worry about developing a product. You should learn how to grow your mailing list first, before you worry about making sales of a product you have not yet loaded to your website!

A good way of growing your initial mailing list is through the use of “Giveaway’s.” This allows you to grow a mailing list of people interested in the type of product niche you are “giving away” information about. That’s all I’m going to say about this subject right now – but I did want to end on something of a positive note!

Things like this is what we will go over in my exclusive membership program For Weeks to Your First Online Income You can click the link for more information. It’s not for everyone (I understand that). But if you think it can help you get started on the right foot, you at least owe it to yourself to check out what the membership program is about.

Talk Soon!

Bob Thibodeau

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