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The Broken Play

Bob Thibodeau is an Inspirational and Motivational speaker who specializes in using stories to make his point. He pulls the audience members in and walks them through the story – until he provides them with only one best solution.

He seeks to inspire, guide and motivate people to develop as whole person and helps them find their purpose and to live a purpose filled life!

Although most of his speaking engagements for the past 25 years has been in churches, he is now being sought after to speak with groups about common societal problems and to speak at clubs and groups to inspire them to succeed despite the setbacks. His method of using stories allows your group to “see the problem” and to “realize the solution” – without becoming alienated by the message. They will actually be drawn into the story. In the end, they will leave the session ready to tackle the problems discussed – because they actually “seen the answer” instead of being “told the answer.”

He uses real life stories, often from his own experiences. This provides the authenticity that your audience is seeking. They do not want to be “told” what to do. And you want them to “want” to succeed, in life and in your business or organization.

That is what hiring Bob Thibodeau to speak at your event will do…your people will realize how to fix their own problems because they were drawn into a story that gave the information in a non-threatening way. By the time Bob is finished, your group will be happier – which will make you happier!


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About Bob Thibodeau

Born and raised in a small town in Michigan, immediately after graduating high school, Bob Thibodeau joined the Army. Planning on a 20 year career, he excelled in all areas of leadership. Soon  he was being promoted ahead of his peers. He was the first person in the history of the 8th US Army NCO Academy to achieve a perfect 100% score through the entire program. This launched him into public speaking.

He was invited to attend gala’s and events where he would give a brief introduction and message. He was sent before several different selection boards and won almost every one of them: NCO of the quarter for his unit; NCO of the quarter for his battalion; NCO of the quarter for the Brigade; NCO of the year for I Corps; and took second place by ONE POINT in the NCO of the Year for 8th US Army in 1982!

He applied for and attended Drill Sergeant Instructor School in 1983 and spent three years as a DI, transforming civilians into soldiers in just eight weeks time. During his three years as a DI, Bob taught more than 1,500 classes! He learned how to speak from the platform and perfected his technique of holding the audience’s attention while making his point during this time of his speaker development.

In 1986, he attended Officer Candidate School in Fort Benning, Georgia. He chose to join the Cavalry and spent three years doing recon training, tank gunnery and motivating his troops to complete every mission assignment. Unfortunately, his career ambitions for the military came to an unexpected halt when the US Army decided they had too many officers in their corps. Only having completed two years of college at that time, Bob was forced to leave the military life he loved.

He then obtained his Life Insurance license and soon became one of the top salesman in his company, earning him the “Eagle Club Award” in his second year. He opened his own agency office in year three and by year five his office was rated as #2 in the nation. He attributes this success to teaching his agents how to use the “art of story telling” to help sell the insurance policies.

The company he was selling for was sold to another company and their new policies were not a fit for what Bob seen as his future – so he closed the doors to the insurance agency and headed east. Moving from Texas to Baltimore, Maryland in 2001. 

He became a police officer for a State agency in Maryland and soon was climbing the ranks as an officer. He used the same training techniques he used in the military and in the insurance agency to teach his subordinates with the police force. Soon, his squads were being singled out for Department awards for, in some cases, doubling prior stat numbers! 

Again, Bob found himself losing out on a career he enjoyed. He was injured on the job on May 12, 2007. After five surgeries over four years, he was officially retired in June 2011.

Not one to remain stationary very long, Bob began an online Christian radio station, “Evangelism Radio,” which soon started climbing the ranks and drawing in requests from other ministers and churches to be allowed to broadcast on the station. In August 2015 – “Evangelism Radio” was ranked by Shoutcast.com as the #1 online Christian radio station, in genre, for the very first time. This station has held that ranking almost 85% of the time.

Although his injury has slowed him down a little – Bob still is devoting many hours each month to continue the growth of Evangelism Radio. But now, he has begun the outreach of speaking in churches, events, conventions and training sessions all around the Maryland and Pennsylvania area. He is still using the same techniques which he perfected more than 30 years ago to teach audiences large and small the points he is trying to make. Whether it is a small Bible study or large corporate event, the techniques remain the same. Though the messages have been adapted and changed, the method of teaching has not.

Why change something that has worked for over 30 years? From teaching civilians how to be soldiers to teaching cops how to relate to people; from selling life insurance to selling Eternal Life; from teaching groups how to work together to teaching teams how to get better – Bob has done it successfully for a very long time.

Book him today – and begin to make a difference in your organization!

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