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Bob Thibodeau SUPER SMALLPersonal Consulting with Bob Thibodeau

One of the most powerful ways to get access to Bob Thibodeau and get the ideas and implementation steps he teaches that will transform your business, is to schedule a 1-1 consultation with him.

His expertise is strategizing your “next step” and giving you the exact steps necessary to complete implementation.

Bob is available for coaching on the following topics:

How to Structure Your Business to Accomplish Your Business Goals – 90 Day, 180 Day, or 1 Year PlanHow to Determine Your Strategic Core Emphasis in Your Niche So That You Can Dominate in That Area of Your NicheHow to Get Out of Your Current Rut or Past Your Current Roadblock, Freeing You From Your Current FrustrationAny Tactical Skill He Teaches in His Group Coaching or Any Training Program, e.g.:

Coaching Program Planning and Creation

  • Coaching Program Planning and Creation
  • Traffic Generation for Your Niche and Topic
  • Sales Letter Writing and Planning
  • List Building
  • Selling Consulting
  • Any other topic you need and he teaches

One hour spent with Bob will be life-changing, or your money back.

That’s right – spend an entire hour with Bob, and at the end of the call, if you aren’t absolutely blown away, simply ask him, and he will refund your entire payment!

He’s that confident of his God-given ability to laser-target what is holding you back and show you how to BREAK FREE and SUCCEED – that he’s willing to risk every dollar of his time.

And at $750 an hour – that is an incredible level of confidence! You WILL receive over $750 of value out of your hour with Bob, or he’ll refund every penny.

Here’s the thing: Bob can’t “prove” to you the value of his time without actually spending that time with you. People have repeatedly told him that his time is worth far more than what they invested, and the results in their lives after working with Bob prove it time and time again.

But rather than regale you with story after story, he’d rather just show you!

Enroll in one hour of 100% risk-free consulting with Bob and let him prove it to you, or 100% of your money back immediately after the call!

To enroll to work with Bob for 1 hour at $750, Click the link below:

Register for the Personal One-on-One Consulting Program 

 To enroll in 10 hours with Bob and receive 50% off (that’s right, 10 hours for the price of 5), start by making a payment for 1 hour, and – after the call, if Bob chooses to accept working with you for the remaining 9 hours, he will send you a payment link for the balance ($3,000, total payments: $3,750).

But, you have to start with the first hour either way! 

Don’t wait any longer!  You have been struggling with getting your business off the ground, right?  If you don’t do something different NOW, where are you going to be six months or a year from now?  Exactly where you are at now, right?

Get personal, one-on-one coaching with Bob Thibodeau and see if you can break through that barrier.  It is 100% risk free (for you)!  If, at the end of the one hour, you are not completely satisfied, just tell Bob before the end of the call and he will initiate the refund right there.  Just click the link below to get started!

Register for the Personal One-on-One Consulting Program