Let’s Get Started FREE Membership

Let’s Get Started Free Membership


Hi Friend,

Bob Thibodeau here…


Bob Thibodeau SUPER SMALLAre you frustrated because you want to break into the “Internet Marketing” business, but haven’t been able to set up your website, autoresponders, etc. – or even make one sale?

Do you want to be able to build your online business, but something is stopping you?

Have you ever bought one of those programs recommended by the “guru’s” –  and you want to succeed with it, but it doesn’t always work for you.

You may even get some results, but not consistent results; and that’s frustrating.

And it’s difficult to keep the right mindset and motivation, right?

However, you know you also get frustrated with seeing all of the young, collage age people who claim to make $10,000 on a weekend, and that deep down inside sometimes wonder if it’s true. You wonder if it’s “you” who is unable to accomplish even modest sales online…

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m Bob Thibodeau.  I have been in the Information Marketing business since 2014.  When I started, it was because I needed some money – fast!  (Sounds familiar, doesn’t it)?

Here’s the thing.

Not knowing ANYTHING about Internet Marketing or any of the components, I decided to “do some research.”  I mean, I’m a smart guy…(I have a Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins University)…I have started and run successful businesses in the past…just not “Internet” based businesses.

When I first started, I made the decision I was only going to spend “$100” and I would either make it or I wouldn’t. No harm done.  I began my research and I took about two months just reading online.

Then, I decided to go with my first “guru” who said I could be making $5000 per month in just a short time…with just a little bit of effort each day.  His plan was “only $49” – so I figured, “Why Not!”

THEN – I hit the dreaded “sales funnel.”  

You know the pitch – I’m not going to rehash it here.

Little did I know – I received the set up information for the “plan.”  But I had no idea on how to set it up or even implement it...It seemed as if I had wasted my $49.

Then, here comes Mr. Guru to the rescue – with a “Done for You” system…for just $99, he would have his people set up my website, integrate my autoresponder and I would have my business up and running in just 72 hours!”

Well, that sounded good to me.  So, I spent the $99.  I then received links and instructions back in just a couple of days – and my website looked GREAT!  All I had to do was “send traffic” to it!

Problem was – I had no list.

I did not know “how to get traffic.”

I was dead in the water and out $149.

So, I kept reading and researching…and soon came across several different programs that were being touted as “the latest and greatest!”  So, I bought some – but had no idea on how to load them to my website.

The “guru” who first set up my website wasn’t so keen on helping me load other marketers products to my website…so I was left on my own.  It took me almost six weeks to tear down my website and rebuild it again…this time, learning how in the process.

In the mean time – I continued to purchase training programs and sales programs that claimed to “be the latest thing.”

Without realizing it – I was falling for the “Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.”

Then, about $4000 later, I finally decided I needed a mentor.  So I signed up for my first “membership program” from a person who is an “anti-guru” (if you could call him that). He provided me training that actually made sense.  So much sense, in fact, that I entered into an agreement with him to purchase the rights to much of his training so I could provide it to others before they spent thousands of dollars like I did.

That is how “my business model” was born!

The thing is, I’ve activated the concepts I am going to share with you in my life, and now I’m living it and telling others about it as well!  It upsets some of the “guru’s” because I share things they don’t want “us folks” to know.  But, I don’t care what they think!  All they did was “take my money” and left me standing there.  Now that “I know what I know and I know that I know that what I know works” I am bound and determined to help others avoid the same traps I fell into when I first started out.

And I’m telling you, It’s a whole different thing, because now I am able to share things with people like you – and when you write me and tell me how this has helped you – it just makes my day!

And my life has changed in amazing ways as well! I’m able to spend more time with my grandkids (that’s important to me) and I am able to spend more time working in our ministry and help out at the church I attend (that is important to me as well).

And now I know exactly how to live in this area of expertise and help others to live in “the zone” as well!

And so what I have decided is that I want to share some of what I have found out.  Naturally, I cannot share everything…

but I wanted to share enough to allow anyone to build their online business from the ground up – without it costing them anything for the training!  (There are expenses you will have to face as you get started, website, domain name, autoresponder, etc – but the training will be FREE for you as a member of this site)!

I want to share with you what I have done and how it is done.

Simple, right?

So what I’ve decided to do, I’ve put together an incredible thirty day training program.

I call it my 

“Let’s Get Started FREE Membership” program.

And it’s only one month long; and here’s what I want to tell you about this program first.

  1. If you decide to engage in this journey with me for the next thirty days, you’re going to see consistent results, you’re going to have your online business up and running. You’re going to have traffic coming to your website. You’re going to subscribers to your products. Your confidence level is going to improve. And even your bank account will begin to show some improvement! 
  2. This program is only 30 days long. Why only one month?  Because as I put this together, it seemed like the perfect amount of training and allowed adequate time for set up and to drive traffic and get your first sales.  

Now here’s how I’m going to give it to you.

  1. An email every single day that will provide you with another nugget of training.  Some days it may just be information, other days it may require you to “do some homework” in order to build your business.  But all of the emails will be pertinent to your business development.
  2. Every single week, you will have access to me via an online telephone conference call. Usually, I will have some type of training I want to discuss…but as soon as that is over, you are free to ask me any question about your business set up you want. Even if it is a question I have never heard before, there may be someone online with us that DOES KNOW the answer!  Okay?

Like I said; it’s a thirty day FREE membership, however it’s designed so that you’re going to get lessons just about every single day. There will not be an overload…I have tried to break each training down into easy “bite size” tis-bits of information!

And these are the kinds of lessons you’re going to receive from me:

  • From time to time I’m going to send you an mp3 recording of an incredible new training.
  • Sometimes if I need to show you something, I’m even going to send you a video.
  • You’re also going to get – from time to time, I might send you a joyful or happy reminder of some of the things you can be doing to help keep yourself more joyful and confident.
  • I also have some small eBook tutorials. You’ll receive those from time to time.
  • And you will also receive my PERSONAL email – so you can send me questions anytime, day or night (I probably will not answer in the middle of the night)! LOL – but I will usually respond within 24 hours.


“Why are you doing this FREE OF CHARGE?”

Good question!  

Here’s the thing.

You don’t know me…you would not know from Joe Blow down the street.  Why would you commit to paying for training when you don’t know if it works for you or not?  You see, that’s what the “guru’s” WANT you to do!

So, if I can introduce myself to you; if I can help you build your business based on the ideas I have incorporated into this membership area; if I can help you get your business up and running and making money – and I did “all of that for FREE” – are you not going to be more willing to join a paid membership after that?  If the training I am giving away for FREE is “that good” – what would the training be like “inside a paid membership?”  But if I am unable to meet your expectations or you do not like my training style or if it just is not a “fit” for you – in keeping with my convictions – I don’t want to charge you to find that out!

The order of these is going to vary every single week, depending on what you need – because I have carefully crafted this 30 day program to go from beginning to end – and do exactly what you need to do to go from being frustrated with not understanding the business and making sales… (although knowing that it will work for you) to ultimately becoming successful in your online business!  

So let me ask you this:

How would it really feel in your life to have consistent results when you’re getting ready to pay OFF your bills?

How would it feel in your life to be debt free and have a sense of control and confidence in your finances?

How would it make you feel if you could walk in and quit (or retire) from your day job – because your online business has provided you the opportunity to do so?

How would it make you feel to set your own schedule and go on vacation to exotic places “whenever you want” – because now, you are in control of your finances?

How would it feel in your life to have improve your relationships or to be able to spend more time with your children, your grandchildren, your parents, your spouse, or your friends?

How would it feel to be able to provide more things for all of them?

What would happen in your life if you found the house of your dreams? Would you be able to pay cash for it? I’m not saying my training will make that happen – but it has the possibility of putting you “on that path!”

In fact, right now, I just want you to imagine what it would feel like to have these changes happen in your life.

What would it feel like if you were able to your husband or wife how successful your online business has become?

What would it feel like if your income increased because you worked an extra 30 minutes at night, after work, building your “online business?”

What would happen to your business if you had a different attitude after just 30 days and you were able to increase your income?

Would that be an exciting thing?

Well, here’s the thing.

I believe that it will be exciting for you.


And here’s what I’m going to do for you.


It’s a 30 day training program; and I’ll tell you this: the regular price on my nine months’ training program – what I normally do for my highest level clients with this particular type of training program – it’s a $2000 program.

However, because I want to make this training available to everybody – and I want to make sure you and I can develop a good working relationship BEFORE you commit to any kind of paid training I provide; and, well… because, I understand how you’re feeling right now.

You’re not sure that if you can trust me to invest $2000 with me right now.  And I get that!

You’d be probably willing to invest that in your future and in your confidence, but you may not be willing to just invest that with me right away.  Even if it was $200!  And I get that!

This is the reason I have gone against ALL of the “guru’s” and others whose advice I sought out – and I am giving away FOR FREE – this entire thirty day training program!  As a way of “introducing myself” to YOU!

If, at any time, you’re even beginning to feel that you’re not getting the results that you should be, you can cancel at any time- no hard feelings…this type of business is not for everyone.  I understand that.

But won’t you be happy to find that out BEFORE you spend thousands of dollars with other “guru’s” who only care about you spending money to learn from them?  

Now let me say this, okay?

A lot of the guru’s are providing the same type of training…but charging you for it!

So, doesn’t make sense to get all of the same training for FREE, implement it – and see if it works FOR YOU – before you spend a nickel with me?

I think it makes a lot of sense!

I wish somebody would have had this type of training when I first started out…it would have saved me over $4000!

But, you can start out and quit anytime (no hard feelings). All of the training is yours to keep (up to the time you unsubscribe from the mailing list – but all training prior to that is yours to keep, implement and use as you see fit)!

However, I believe that you’re going to get those results, and I believe that you’re going to stay in for the entire program, and you’re even going to be begging me to create additional modules to keep the training going beyond 30 days  (But if you want really “quick” results – try my “Four Weeks To Your First Online Sale” program…you can get more information by clicking this link).

Does that sound fair?


Are you ready to get started?

If so, go ahead and get started now:


P.S. Maybe right now you are thinking, is this the right thing for me?

So let me ask you this:

Do you really want to change your financial condition from where it is right now?

Here’s the thing, you and I probably both know that it isn’t going to change on it’s own, and it’s probably not going to happen unless you make a change.

This is your change.

I’m going to guide you step by step through exactly what to do and how to do it and how to be able to have the success with your online marketing business that you desire.

Go ahead, get started today and let’s start changing your life together!