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Pt 9 – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

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Pt – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

Reason #9: They Lack of Confidence

celine bags canada goose This may sound like a repeat – but it is so important and overlaps in so many different areas, I feel it needs its own category. Lack of confidence will kill the business of many newbie internet marketers.  They begin with some lofty (and often misguided) plans.  As they get deeper into the planning of the business model, things often do not appear as “rosy” as they first seemed.

It is so easy to think, “I will build a website; put some products on there; and sit back and collect the money as people order the products online.  This is going to be great!”  But then reality begins to set in.

The website is more technical than first envisioned and is taking even longer to set up than planned. Then there is the autoresponder (some may ask themselves “What is that for anyway?”).  Then there is the PayPal account. There is product generation. There is the problem of generating traffic. There is web hosting. There is product support. Advertising.

And the list just continues to grow.

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Four Weeks to Your First Online Income

Soon, the newbie internet marketer begins to think, “This is getting far more technical than I thought it was going to be.”  So, one day over coffee, they confide in a friend or relative about what their plans are.  The “friend” tells them about another “friend of theirs who knew somebody that tried that internet marketing thing and lost thousands of dollars.” 

These seeds of doubt begin to take root in the newbie internet marketers mind as they continue to struggle to put together the “perfect” website and business model.

But continued delays only seem to get worse as the newbie internet marketer realizes he or she is not as computer savvy as they first thought. And every time they have lunch with the “friend,” they are asked again “how the internet business is going?  Have you made any money yet?” 

And when they reply “No, not yet,” they get the look (we all know “the look,” don’t we)?

This just erodes away their confidence even more.

In order to do well, in order to hold their head high in their friends presence, the newbie internet marketer needs to launch their business model as soon as possible. 

My recommendation is to launch “something” within in the first 30 days (45 days at the latest). 

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

Even if it is not perfect – at least get something out there!  As I covered last time, test and evaluate, make adjustments and then launch again. Then test and evaluate, make adjustments and then launch again. Then test and evaluate, etc. UNTIL consistent sales begin to develop.

Then STOP testing and launch BIG.  Begin to send MASSIVE amounts of traffic to the site. Capitalize on the new found success. Recoup the money that was initially spent.  Set aside some of the income to upgrade and prepare for the next product launch.

Remember, I covered in the beginning to only buy new upgraded software, etc. with money that was made from initial sales. This is where that can now happen.  There was no use spending money or driving massive amounts of traffic to an unproven system. Now that there is some success – drive traffic and make some money!

Nothing will build confidence quicker than money showing up in your bank account on a consistent basis!  But the newbie internet marketer MUST have the confidence TO FAIL! 

celine bags That may sound wrong, but remember what I have been saying throughout this series, a newbie internet marketer MUST LAUNCH as soon as possible or face the possibility of never launching; never realizing their dream and never knowing if they could have made it or not.

canada goose But, by launching, evaluating, tweaking and then launching again – the time will come with the newbie internet marketer will know what worked and what did not.  Then they will be able to repeat what worked on a faster basis next time.  And make money that much faster!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If you are struggling with making your first online income – check out this resource I have “Four Weeks to Your First Online Income.”

You can see a video discussing this area HERE.

Talk Soon,


Four Weeks to Your First Sale


Pt 7 – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

Top 10 Reasons Most Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

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Bob Thibodeau SUPER SMALLPart 7: The Wrong Mindset

Most newbie internet marketers want to enter the business because they need money (usually immediately) and they believe this the best option.  Or they want to “be their own boss.”  Either one of these reasons are valid, to a point.

If the newbie internet marketers is going to be investing money that may be needed to sustain the family (and as I indicated in a prior post, they need to plan on not having access to that money for at least six months or more), they may hold off on “pulling the trigger” on their business. The newbie internet marketer is usually lacking the confidence that their website and business “is ready.”

I have covered before that this IS NOT a “Get Rich Quick” type of business.  Yes, some people have had immediate success.  Most do not.  Yes, some people have succeeded and made multiple millions of dollars.  Most do not.  The newbie internet marketer must realize these are the facts!  The newbie internet marketer must accept the realization that it may take several months of work (daily work at that) before they will ever see their first sale!  (It took me almost two years before I made my first sale).

Four Weeks To Your First Sale

The mindset of “I can work when I want” is a serious misconception on the part of newbie internet marketers.  You may find yourself working your old, boring 9 to 5 job for a few more years before your online income is sufficient to replace your old salary.  But you will “learn the ropes” while still having your family budget taken care of by the 9 to 5 job.  There is tremendous pressure to succeed if you are looking for your online job to take care of your family. And it almost always leads to failure. You will be under pressure to “take shortcuts” which almost never work in your favor (I covered this under a prior post as well).

You need to schedule your work time and your family time. Family time is important. You need to have the support of your family. If you are working 9 to 5 and then come home and put in eight more hours on your business and neglecting your family, you may find you will get into more trouble than you bargain for!

When you start your new online business, you will definitely have a “new boss.”  It’s YOU!  You need to be accountable to yourself just as you are accountable to your boss in your “regular” job.  You need to be on time to your online work schedule. You need to be on time in getting your content written and published. watch film Arsenal now

Four Weeks To Your First Sale

The “boss” has to set the tone for the work environment.  If your traditional work boss only showed up once or twice per week and was slack in enforcing the production standards, what do you think would happen to company profits?  They would go down (and the company would quickly find a new “boss”).   You need to enforce the high standards on yourself from the start.  An internet based business does not run simply by itself on “autopilot.” 

If you work on your business daily, you are more than likely going to succeed. 

If you don’t – you won’t. It’s as simple as that.

Talk Soon,


Four Weeks To Your First Sale

Pt 5 – Top 10 Reasons Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail Pt 5 – 

Part 5: Not Recognizing a Scam

SCAMS. Bob Thibodeau SUPER SMALLThey are everywhere! If you have spent more than 10 minutes on the Internet, you probably have recognized a few. Unfortunately, when someone begins an online marketing business, even though they know it is “probably” a scam, they still fall for it! WHY?

Well, since they are “new” to the online business world, of course they want to make money. For a lot of newbie internet marketers, they might have lost their job and the lure of “fast profits”brings them to the position of “trying” online marketing.

This sets them up for falling to the scams.

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Read this article on

A person who is in that type of position usually needs money and needs it fast. The rent is due, the unemployment checks are running out, etc., etc. They begin by making a quality decision to research before they purchase anything. And that is how they begin.

They research. They read. They compare. Two, three, four days go by. At this time, they are getting overwhelmed. Too much data and too much to try and remember. Then, a headline jumps out at them…something to the effect of:

“This little trick will revolutionize how online marketing is done!”

As they read the sales letter, they are told “how it used to be done.” And that matches up with what they have heard and most of what they have read. Then the writer of the sales letter “sets the hook.” They are told that he (or the sellers of the product) have developed this “new thing.” They have tested it and it is extremely successful. They have made “thousands of dollars in a matter of days.”

They are now ready to release it in a major launch…BUT they are willing to let the first 100 people buy it NOW, not of $497…not of $297…not for $197…not even for $97! But, if the first 100 people want to purchase this prior to the official release, they can buy it for $27!

Four Weeks to Your First Online Income

So, the newbie internet marketer is looking at that and decides, “Well, it’s only $27. If it works, I can make all of this money quickly.” So they buy it. Then they are launched into the “sales funnel.” They get this really, really good upgrade – “a must have” if you bought the prior product. It is only $49.

The newbie internet marketer thinks, “Well, I’ll go ahead and get that so I can have an even better chance of making money quickly.” Then they get hit with a “Done for You” type program for $197. They can be up and running in just two days!

“Well, that is better than me trying to set it all up. That way I will know it is set up the way it is supposed to be operating. All I have to do is make the money!”

Now, instead of being cautious, the newbie internet marketer has just spent $273 (that probably was not in the budget). They do not know how to set up and manage their website. They do not know the intricacies of how the product works. They only thing they have accomplished is to have a product loaded to a website. PERIOD!

They do not even have an email list to send traffic to!

If this sounds like you, GOOD! You have identified yourself as having fallen for a SCAM! (I’m not saying it is good you fell for the scam – but that you have now identified “how” it happened).

Some of things to look for (and AVOID) are:

When they promise you will make thousands of dollars in a very short amount of time with very little work…

When they say the only source of income if the participation fee of people you recruit…

When there is no “tangible” product or service that you are selling…

Four Weeks to Your First Online Income

Another thing to avoid is “Multi-Level Marketing” programs (also known as “Pyramid Schemes”). These will all have one thing in common…they bait you with extremely low “membership fees.” The newbie internet marketer cannot fathom why they should not, at least, “try” this marketing program. The price is only “$7” (or something like that).

Then they will be bombarded with emails and phone calls telling them how much money people are making and “you need to move up to the next level of membership” to increase your cut of the pie!

Then there will be the “testimonies” of people who have made “six figures” in just six months or so! The pressure continues to mount…they tell you to “borrow the money” to move higher and higher up the membership ladder. They will hit you with the guilt trip, “Don’t you want to provide for your family?” type questions…

I know many people who have fallen for this sort of trap. I almost did myself when I was first starting out. Once I heard the “pitch” to move up my membership level, I began to do research on the company (they conveniently hid the company name during the initial sales pitch – a BIG RED FLAG)!. Once I seen the complaints online, I quickly requested my refund within the specified time period. I still get phone calls from their phone bank operators (I’ve learned the area codes and justhang up).

So, let me close by saying this…


You must become part of a program that allows you to learn as you go. You must learn the basics before you can advance. You must learn how to build a website before you should worry about developing a product. You should learn how to grow your mailing list first, before you worry about making sales of a product you have not yet loaded to your website!

A good way of growing your initial mailing list is through the use of “Giveaway’s.” This allows you to grow a mailing list of people interested in the type of product niche you are “giving away” information about. That’s all I’m going to say about this subject right now – but I did want to end on something of a positive note!

Things like this is what we will go over in my exclusive membership program For Weeks to Your First Online Income You can click the link for more information. It’s not for everyone (I understand that). But if you think it can help you get started on the right foot, you at least owe it to yourself to check out what the membership program is about.

Talk Soon!

Bob Thibodeau

Four Weeks to Your First Online Income     DISCLAIMER:  This information is being distributed with the understanding that we are not engaged in rendering technical, legal, medical, accounting or other professional advice. We do not give any kind of guarantee about the accuracy of information provided. In no event will the author and/or marketer be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or other loss or damage arising out of the use of the information in this document by any person, regardless of whether or not informed of the possibility of damages in advance. Thank you for your attention to this message.  movie Logan

 “DISCLOSURE: I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links I will earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. In fact, I oftentimes am able to negotiate a lower rate (or bonuses) not available elsewhere.

Plus, when you order through my link, it helps me to continue to offer you lots of free stuff.   Thank you, in advance for your support!” 

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Top 10 Reasons Most Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

Top 10 Reasons Most Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

Failure.   The one thing all Internet marketers never want to hear.  And that is understandable…nobody wants to fail, right?  

I have researcheBob Thibodeau SUPER SMALLd the Top 10 Reasons Most Newbie Internet Marketers Fail.  In this series of articles, you will may identify yourself…or others you know.  This series is not meant to be one of condemnation. It is being delivered so you can identify what areas you can improve and avoid the dreaded “F” word!

First, let me state up front that I mean nothing derogatory with the term “newbie.” Everyone was a newbie at some point in time. It is kind of like being a called a “rookie” in major league sports.  Once you have that first year under your belt, you are no longer a rookie. The same for internet marketing. However, a “newbie” could mean a 5 year marketer if that person continues to make “rookie mistakes.”  I am using the term “newbie” in this series of articles simply because most new comers to internet marketing are looking for the “quick buck” and most tend to make the same mistakes…”rookie mistakes.”

So, as we progress through this 10 part series of posts, it is my intention to provide you with the information I have discovered and identified myself with.  I may not have made all of these mistakes, but I have made more than one of them (I can attest to that)!  But I am including a few of the others I have not made (phew!) because I have found there are many people who have made them.

Four Weeks to Your First Online Saledownload full film Carol 2015

The Top 10 Reasons Most Newbie Internet

Marketers Fail

 Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.26.42 PM

Number 1:  They Do Not Have the Experience

That is pretty clear, right?

Most newbies lack the experience of marketing a product in which they never have a face to face interaction with their clients.  Most people understand about face to face marketing and the art of “smiling, agreeing with the statements made by the customer, etc.”  Internet marketing is a completely different environment. 

Experience in this area is the only way to gain the skill set necessary to be successful.  Does that mean the newbie marketer is already destined to fail?  No.  It means the newbie marketer must make the extra effort to ensure success.

By learning the methods needed to capture the attention of the buyer; learning what the potential preferences are of the buyer; learning the reasons why the buyer desires their product; learning how to communicate the advantages of their product to satisfy the buyer’s needs – all without any verbal interaction.  Only using the written word (and in audio or video marketing as well – but the newbie will never “see” the client).

This means the new internet marketer must make a concentrated effort to study the market; study the products; study the tactics used by the experts.  This takes time and dedication. It means admitting you do not know everything. It means admitting you cannot do it on your own (as least not right away). It means accepting the fact that immediate riches will probably not be flooding into your back account right way.

Now, there are exceptions to every rule. But those exceptions are few and far between.  But most newbie marketers (myself included when I first started out) think “they” will be the exception and will reach financial independence ahead of their peers. This mindset will almost always result in discouragement and failure.

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What are the ways to overcome this “Inexperience Factor?”

Probably the best way to gain experience is by “doing.”  That sounds simple enough, right?  But let me explain…

The worst thing a newbie can do is to enter the highly competitive field of internet marketing and think he or she is going to become rich overnight while competing against some marketers who have been doing this for years.  The best solution to this situation is to team up with an experienced marketer who can guide them through the first stages of internet marketing and help the newbie avoid some of the pitfalls that plague newbies and drive them from success straight into failure.

There are numerous places to gain that type of experience and information.  It would take volumes to write about each one. My intent here is simply to make the newbie marketer aware that “you are not destined to failure.”  As a matter of fact, failure in and of itself is also a learning tool.  Thomas Edison was quoted as saying, when questioned by a reporter as to why he was not discouraged after failing 10,000 times in making the light bulb, his answer was, “Why should I be discouraged? I found 10,000 ways it would not work!” 

So it is with gaining experience in internet marketing.  You can go the way of 10,000 failures on your own, just so you know not to try it that way again…or you can read about the one or two ways a person who has had success did it…then follow the same path. I’m not talking about “copying” the person (though some advocate that). I’m talking about seeing what your comfort zone is; I’m talking about what “clicks” with your personality, experiences, desires and goals. 

Four Weeks to Your First Online Saledownload full film Carol 2015

Not every method works for every person.  If you examine successful marketers, almost all of them utilize the fundamentals but then they tend to specialize in certain areas.  Take, for example, a football team.  You see the players all decked out in their uniforms and you can rationally say about any one individual, “He is a football player.”  And that statement would be true.

But if you look at the individual players and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, you soon realize that some of them weigh 300+ pounds.  That person probably is not a wide receiver or a running back. Most likely, he is a lineman. Another is short and lanky and you see him out kicking field goals all practice long.  You see a player throwing balls through tires hung at different levels and different yardages – he is probably a quarter back.  Each person has a unique set of skills they bring to the “football team.”

So it is with internet marketing.  You may not be cut out to be a marketer in the self help niche. You may be more of a hands on type of person who enjoys working on cars or building houses, making you uniquely qualified to assist others in that niche.  People looking for information on “How to fix their car” or “How to remodel their kitchen.”  Others may be more uniquely qualified to give “relationship advice.” Others on “How to build a website.”

Four Weeks to Your First Online Saledownload full film Carol 2015

You see, there are 1,001 different ways (actually more than that) to make a living as an online marketer.  YOU have a special skill set that somebody needs to know the experience you already possess in that area.  You need to sit down and ask yourself (and give an honest answer), “What do I know that other people ask me about?”

It could be anything from repairing a clogged drain to fixing a car engine; from hanging dry wall to installing landscaping.  Whatever you enjoy doing; whatever you are always helping someone with; whatever people are always seeking your advice on – these are the areas you need to focus.  This is probably going to be your niche market.  This is the area you will probably be the most successful.

As we continue this series, you will find other reasons of why newbies seem to fail at internet marketing (at least initially).  The successful ones will identify what they did wrong and begin to take corrective action to put them on the path to success.

I have a membership site that is assisting internet marketers in this area.  “Generating Wealth” is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It is a systematic program designed to teach you, step by step, how to go from “newbie” to “making money” as quickly as possible. There are no “make 10K in 90 days” plans or anything like that. It is simply a support and training system that helps you identify your strong points and how to capitalize on them in order to be successful in the Internet Marketing Business.

Click any of the tabs contained in this post or click here to get more information.

Talk Soon,


PS:  Check out the YouTube video for this post:  Pt 1-Top 10 Reasons Why Newbies Fail

Four Action Steps for Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your marketing efforts? Does it seem like everyone else is making money, but you?  Does it seem like you are always distracted? Have you hit a brick wall (so to speak)?  Does it seem like you are going “nowhere fast” in your Internet Marketing business?

Let me give you four action steps for success in online / affiliate marketing…Just take a look and see if you can improve in any of these areas, ok?  I am willing to bet you are able to identify with at least ONE of not ALL of these problem areas (I know, because I have been there, too)!

Step ONE of the four action steps for success is in the area of:  Distractions.   We all face them.  Some people are more easily distracted than others.  If you find yourself getting distracted from your goals for the day – you need to do these following quick steps.  Soon, you will find yourself more productive and when YOU are more productive – your sales income will soon follow along!

1: Establish set work hours and stick to them.  (I know that sound easier said than done – right)?  But, even if you work from home as I do – I have set hours I try to just be at the computer taking care of business. My doctor appointments or whatever are scheduled AROUND that primary time.  It takes some getting used to when you first start…but the benefits will simply astound you once it become habit.

2: Get a desk top scheduler program or one you can load on your smart phone – and USE IT!  If you do not use the tools that are readily available – they will not work (how’s that for insight, eh)?  Really – If you use them and use them continuously, you will soon find you cannot work without them.  These schedulers can actually keep you motivated and on track to success.

3:  Become accountable to someone.  That someone could be your spouse or significant other.  It could be someone “online” that you respect (and do not want to disappoint). You can work out some type of “mentoring” arrangement and send that person your “schedule” for the week.  And then have them check up on you during the week to see how your are coming along.  It sounds awkward – but it really works!  Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups use this type of accountability and attribute it to their success.  Why not take what works and use it in our business, too?

Step TWO of the four action steps for success is in the area of: Lack of Goals.  If you do not know where you are going – how will you know when you get there?  You have probably heard that before.  But it is a TRUE statement of fact!   Here is how you can establish some goals to help you be successful:

1: Get out a sheet of paper and pencil or pen…

2: Dream about your ULTIMATE goal (paying off the house; vacation with the family; being debt free, etc.)  Be specific in your goals (mortgage amount; amount needed for vacation; amount needed to be debt free, etc.)

3: Look at where you are now…and map out a “step ladder” approach to achieve the “top rung” on the ladder.  Now, think of some smaller, intermediate steps you can take to get there.  (for example:  step 2 from where you are now, maybe  “doubling (or tripling) my email list.”).

4: Develop an action plan to implement THE NEXT STEP.  Don’t worry about the “Top Rung” – focus on the next step.  Then the next once that one is achieved.  If you were carrying a bucket of paint up the ladder to paint the eves on your house – would try to jump from the ground to the top? No.  You would focus on each step of the ladder as you made your way up.  It is the same way in this business.  Focus ONLY on the next step – and accomplish it.

Step THREE of the four action steps for success is in the area of: Trying to “Go it Alone.”  There are so many helpful online community chat programs and support programs – especially in the online marketing niche – that you should NOT EVEN TRY to “go it alone.”  You can always learn something from someone!  And – you may find that you have information that will help someone else!  How’s that for increasing your “expert status?”  Here are just a few ideas:

1:  Check out FACEBOOK GROUPS in your niche.

2: Check out some affiliate links you are promoting and see if they have any Support Groups inside their affiliate family.  You will be surprised by how many actually do. And they all have the same goal – promoting those affiliate links and make more money! Check them out!

3: Go back and read the post about finding someone to be accountable to. It works here, too!

Step FOUR of the four action steps for success is in the area of: Feeling Overwhelmed.          Oh, boy! I can relate to this one!  This is exactly how I felt when I first decided to go down the path of “online affiliate marketing.”  There was so much information that I could not decide “where to start.”  So, when in doubt, the most natural thing to do is – NOTHING!  And that is what most of us do when we feel overwhelmed.  What to do about it:

1: Go back to your goal list (outlined above); go to your daily schedule (outlined above); go to your action plan and let your “mentor” know what you are planning to do that week (as outlined above).

2: Do some research on the “next step” (outlined above).  You can view YouTube videos; search on Google; search on Affiliate Marketing sites to see what type of content you can support (and want to support).

3:  Do this researching during your “business hours” (outlined above).  Don’t put it off “until later.”  Stick to your plan!

4:  To quote Nike:  “Just Do It!”

I hope these “Four Action Steps for Success” have helped you to get a clearer picture of where you need to go and how to get there!  We all have been there…so don’t get down on yourself, OK?

Now, I have more content I will upload another time.  But to save YOU time and money right now (and get you from where you are now to generating income from your online marketing niche) – I would highly recommend you check out this product offer:

“Identify 12 Little-Known But Highly Disastrous Success Blockers”

This report will give you more information and will set you on the “Road to Success” faster than I could outline for you.  It is a small investment – basically the cost of a McDonald’s lunch!  (Can you skip lunch today and make your Internet Marketing Business GROW into a SUCCESSFUL income generating business for you and your family?  All for the price of a fast food lunch?

Also, check out the FREE offer I am making available to visitors to my website.  You will see it on the right side of this blog.  “7 Step Plan to Becoming an Affiliate Marketing Expert – and Do It on a Shoestring Budget!”  It is yours FREE for download.  I know between this blog post; my FREE report and this highly informative offer “Identify 12 Little Known But Highly Disastrous Success Blockers” – You WILL have the information you need – to be successful!

Talk Soon,