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Pt 10 – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

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Pt 10 – Top 10 Reasons Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

And Finally, #10 (and in my opinion – the #1 Reason Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail) is:

Getting Greedy

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Money. That is the reason 99.9% of internet marketers on doing what they do.  As a matter of fact, 99.9% of ALL businesses are in the business to make money.  There may be one or two here and there that are in it for the “service.”  But even then, if they are not making money soon, their business will die.

The problem most newbie internet marketers have (as I covered in a prior posts) is that many start out in a time when their budget least affords them the opportunity to fail. They may be in between jobs and the unemployment just ran out. Now they decide they need to make some money and make it fast.

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

They go online to research “How to make money online” and, instead of doing quality research in how to set up a quality business (which might take them 30 days or so), they see some scam site that tells them “How to make thousands of dollars in just 48 hours.”  Well, since they need money “yesterday” –  which site do they go with? The one that will take 30 days and $300 or so? Or the one that will take “48 hours” and only cost them $250?

Then, as they get the material from the “Thousands in 48 hours” and begin to read it, they realize they do not have a website, autoresponder, PayPal account, a product or an email list.  So they begin to research how to put those things together.  Now they are out an additional couple of hundred dollars.

So, about seven to ten days into this “new business venture” (and the bills are still needing to be paid), they receive an email for a “done for you” system. It will cost a few hundred dollars more, but at least they will be “up and running in just two days.”  So, they sign up for that.

Sure enough, two days later,  they get the access information and passwords to “their online business.”  It looks GREAT!  Now, they are told, all they have to do is drive traffic to their site.  (How do they do that?  They have no clue).  So now they go and research traffic generation.

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What do they find?  They can have an email list of thousands in no time at all – with this “new system” that is going to revolutionize how to grow email lists. Well, that sounds like something they desperately need. So, they spend a hundred or so dollars on that system.  Then they find out they have to visit blog sites and FaceBook posts and leave comments and wait for back links, etc.

Now, almost an entire month has gone by. The bills still are not paid. They have spent close to a thousand dollars (that could have been used to pay the bills).  They are now really, really desperate.  But, the newbie internet marketer rationalizes, they have a website, they have a small email list (of maybe 50 people)…so they launch…

…and nothing happens.

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Zero money.

Why didn’t anybody buy “my product” or buy “my affiliate” promotion?

The main reason they failed: they wanted quick rewards. They were looking for a quick buck.  They wanted to make some money FIRST, so they could believe it works, before “giving” something of value.  That may work in “brick and mortar” businesses, where you hang your merchandise in the store window and passerby’s will see it, want it, come in and buy it.  The customer does not do the research by going to another store 10 miles way to see if they can get the same shirt for $5 less.  It is impulse buying.

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But, in an internet based business, with literally thousands of different websites possibly offering the exact same product at either a cheaper price (or the exact same price PLUS BONUSES) – a brick and mortar mentality just will not work. 

If you were researching the purchase of a product, and found two websites. One had 750 satisfied customers and the other had zero, none. And the product was the exact same price. Which website would you feel more comfortable ordering from?  This is what the newbie internet marketer is facing.

In Internet Marketing, one of the first things a newbie internet marketer MUST LEARN, is they have to GIVE VALUE before asking for money.  The newbie internet marketer feels if they give value first, they are losing something. But that is a complete falsehood.

As a matter of fact, in most areas of life, if you GIVE first, then you will be GIVEN TO in return!

Think about the “love of your life.”  More than likely, you expressed your feelings (giving your heart – opening up to possible rejection) and then received the confirmation of mutual feelings (and that “phew” moment)!  It’s the same in internet marketing.

It’s also true in your day job (or your regular job). You go to work, often for a week or two weeks at a time – and then get paid. You do not get paid first and then show up at work. It just doesn’t work that way.

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

Well, in Internet Marketing, you work for your “audience” (your prospects) and then get paid on the back end with sales.  How do you “work” first?  By GIVING AWAY good, quality products. Show them you can be trusted. Show them the quality of products you are going to supply them with.

In the process of giving them something first, make sure it is something that will help them solve a particular problem.  Try to teach them how to achieve their goals. Give them some solid advice on their situation.  Then, towards the end of the product (or better yet, in a separate email), promote your other products in that line of marketing.

celine bags For example, let’s say you give them a “Top 5 Way’s to Generate Traffic.”  And you put out a squeeze page where they can provide you their email address in exchange for a pdf report on that subject. Make sure the “Top 5 Way’s” are truly “Top 5 Way’s to Generate Traffic.”  This will provide them with good information they can use NOW.

Then follow up with them. Ask them if they received the free pdf report. Ask them what issues they are having in their business. (Probably their biggest issue is “traffic” since that is what they wanted from you).  If they respond with something else, try to find a product (an affiliate product if you do not have one) that will try to help them.


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If you do this one thing (and do it with quality products and in a timely manner), and not try to “force” them into buying something they really do not need – you will begin to receive business orders and even some repeat customers.

But do not try to promote your other products without giving a quality product first. And when you begin to expand your business, send your emails to your existing list first – with a FREE product sample of what you are offering. For example, let’s just assume your specialty is “List Building.”  Offer the “Top 5 Ways to Generate Traffic” and then send the offer to your list on “Traffic Generation.” 

If your first product was “Setting Up WordPress” and now your are offering the traffic generation product – GIVE AWAY your “Top 5 Ways…” pdf to your list as proof you know what you are talking about.  That is how you generate repeat sales from your list.

canada goose By now, you should have a pretty clear overview of the “Top 10 Ways Newbie Internet Marketers Fail.”  If you try your best to avoid these 10 things, your business will become successful faster than most newbies are usually able to get going.  But, I want to leave you ONE MORE THOUGHT…

I want to give you the NUMBER ONE REASON (and the biggest mistake you could make) for failing at internet marketing.  “Failing to take action!”  That will effectively kill your dream of being successful.

But, you do not have to navigate this business alone.  Throughout these articles, I have had links to my “Four Weeks to Your First Sale” site.  I highly recommend it and ask you to do yourself a favor and at least check it out. If you do not think it is for you, that’s fine. It’s not for everybody.  But, if it will help to at least take those first tentative steps to success – it could be the best investment you will ever make.

Here’s to your online marketing success!

Bob Thibodeau

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

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