About Me


I am retired and living on disability income and social security.  I use the income I am generating through affiliate marketing to pay off debts and maintain the lifestyle my wife deserves.  If it were not for this amazing “work at home concept” and the income it generates…well, I don’t even want to think about where we would be!

I am also a full time radio minister with three online radio stations.  This income helps me to continue to serve my Christian interests as well, as I am unable to pursue these things outside the house.

I enjoy meeting people from all over the world through online affiliate marketing!  We may come from different backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common – we need extra cash in this day and age of high prices and low income.

Affiliate marketing is fairly new to me – but I am learning as I go…and making extra income in the process!  I will review several, perhaps 10 new affiliate programs before selecting even ONE for you.  I will not recommend anything to anyone unless I am positive it will make a difference (and a positive difference) in your life.  I will not recommend anything for you to try unless I believe it works.

Here is what you can expect from me…

A few days per week, I will post an update on this blog…once it is live, I will then send you an email with a short description of the new article and why I think it may be important to you.  There will a link available that will allow you to read the entire article.

I will also send you an email from time to time about new affiliate courses that I have found that may be of interest to you.  These programs may be available through our blog – or I may just find them interesting and want to share them with you.  You are free to pick and choose what programs you want to affiliate yourself with…so don’t be shy about checking them out!

Sound fair?

GOOD!  Now, here is what you need to do now to get started:

1. Make sure my emails will get through!  THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

If my emails cannot get to you – you may miss out on some fantastic updates of what is working in the online marketing world right now.  So, please take the time to make sure our emails will get through.

2. Let’s get “Social.”  Take a couple of seconds and join our Face Book page (and “Like” us)!  This is my primary method of communication (between here and Face Book).  Here is the link to the Face Book Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bob-Thibodeau/1389639897999281

That being said – please look around the site.  If you have any questions for me, please let me know.