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Four Action Steps for Success

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your marketing efforts? Does it seem like everyone else is making money, but you?  Does it seem like you are always distracted? Have you hit a brick wall (so to speak)?  Does it seem like you are going “nowhere fast” in your Internet Marketing business?

Let me give you four action steps for success in online / affiliate marketing…Just take a look and see if you can improve in any of these areas, ok?  I am willing to bet you are able to identify with at least ONE of not ALL of these problem areas (I know, because I have been there, too)!

Step ONE of the four action steps for success is in the area of:  Distractions.   We all face them.  Some people are more easily distracted than others.  If you find yourself getting distracted from your goals for the day – you need to do these following quick steps.  Soon, you will find yourself more productive and when YOU are more productive – your sales income will soon follow along!

1: Establish set work hours and stick to them.  (I know that sound easier said than done – right)?  But, even if you work from home as I do – I have set hours I try to just be at the computer taking care of business. My doctor appointments or whatever are scheduled AROUND that primary time.  It takes some getting used to when you first start…but the benefits will simply astound you once it become habit.

2: Get a desk top scheduler program or one you can load on your smart phone – and USE IT!  If you do not use the tools that are readily available – they will not work (how’s that for insight, eh)?  Really – If you use them and use them continuously, you will soon find you cannot work without them.  These schedulers can actually keep you motivated and on track to success.

3:  Become accountable to someone.  That someone could be your spouse or significant other.  It could be someone “online” that you respect (and do not want to disappoint). You can work out some type of “mentoring” arrangement and send that person your “schedule” for the week.  And then have them check up on you during the week to see how your are coming along.  It sounds awkward – but it really works!  Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups use this type of accountability and attribute it to their success.  Why not take what works and use it in our business, too?

Step TWO of the four action steps for success is in the area of: Lack of Goals.  If you do not know where you are going – how will you know when you get there?  You have probably heard that before.  But it is a TRUE statement of fact!   Here is how you can establish some goals to help you be successful:

1: Get out a sheet of paper and pencil or pen…

2: Dream about your ULTIMATE goal (paying off the house; vacation with the family; being debt free, etc.)  Be specific in your goals (mortgage amount; amount needed for vacation; amount needed to be debt free, etc.)

3: Look at where you are now…and map out a “step ladder” approach to achieve the “top rung” on the ladder.  Now, think of some smaller, intermediate steps you can take to get there.  (for example:  step 2 from where you are now, maybe  “doubling (or tripling) my email list.”).

4: Develop an action plan to implement THE NEXT STEP.  Don’t worry about the “Top Rung” – focus on the next step.  Then the next once that one is achieved.  If you were carrying a bucket of paint up the ladder to paint the eves on your house – would try to jump from the ground to the top? No.  You would focus on each step of the ladder as you made your way up.  It is the same way in this business.  Focus ONLY on the next step – and accomplish it.

Step THREE of the four action steps for success is in the area of: Trying to “Go it Alone.”  There are so many helpful online community chat programs and support programs – especially in the online marketing niche – that you should NOT EVEN TRY to “go it alone.”  You can always learn something from someone!  And – you may find that you have information that will help someone else!  How’s that for increasing your “expert status?”  Here are just a few ideas:

1:  Check out FACEBOOK GROUPS in your niche.

2: Check out some affiliate links you are promoting and see if they have any Support Groups inside their affiliate family.  You will be surprised by how many actually do. And they all have the same goal – promoting those affiliate links and make more money! Check them out!

3: Go back and read the post about finding someone to be accountable to. It works here, too!

Step FOUR of the four action steps for success is in the area of: Feeling Overwhelmed.          Oh, boy! I can relate to this one!  This is exactly how I felt when I first decided to go down the path of “online affiliate marketing.”  There was so much information that I could not decide “where to start.”  So, when in doubt, the most natural thing to do is – NOTHING!  And that is what most of us do when we feel overwhelmed.  What to do about it:

1: Go back to your goal list (outlined above); go to your daily schedule (outlined above); go to your action plan and let your “mentor” know what you are planning to do that week (as outlined above).

2: Do some research on the “next step” (outlined above).  You can view YouTube videos; search on Google; search on Affiliate Marketing sites to see what type of content you can support (and want to support).

3:  Do this researching during your “business hours” (outlined above).  Don’t put it off “until later.”  Stick to your plan!

4:  To quote Nike:  “Just Do It!”

I hope these “Four Action Steps for Success” have helped you to get a clearer picture of where you need to go and how to get there!  We all have been there…so don’t get down on yourself, OK?

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