Step By Step Guide to Becoming a Problem Solver

Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming a Problem Solver

In a previous post, I discussed the several ways to build credibility in Internet Marketing. The most important point that I Bob Thibodeau SUPER SMALLemphasized was about blogging. In that article, I explained that “content is king.” Instead of concentrating all of your efforts on how to make sales and money, it is better to look beyond the money when you are first starting off in building your Internet Marketing business. I advise my clients to concentrate on learning how to engage your general audience. Do not give your website visitors the impression that your platform is nothing but a website trying to make them spend their hard-earned money.

Instead, transform your website into a training platform or a solution center where people can find a solution to their problem. Only then can you tell them how your product or service can be useful in providing a solution to their problem. Anything outside of this will put you at the mercy of your audience, and there is a very real chance they might not have any respect for what you are trying to do. You would only be regarded as another “snake oil salesman” trying to get money out of their pockets.

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Therefore, in this article, I want to discuss how you can sell your products and services as a problem solver in the eyes of your customers:

  1. Make Use of Keyword Research Tools: To make your business assume the role of a solution provider, you must be ready to research on the type of problem that potential customers do have and the type of solutions they are looking for. In order to discover these problems, you need to make use of keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner which is the most popular one. You can do a search of others (I’m not going to be an endorser of any products. You need to research their individual features for your individual niche). These tools will enable you to discover what people are searching for in your niche on a monthly, weekly, and even on a daily basis.
  1. Discuss the Problem: As mentioned above, you need to identify the following things: What do people want? What are they searching for? What problems they are trying to solve? Keyword research tools will tell you what your customers are searching for. By using this technique, you will be able to identify their problems and know what they really want and need. The next thing you should do is to write a very unique article that will address the problem. Write this article in such a way that the solution you want to provide will be the very best solution to solve their problem.

  After writing about the problem – offer a solution! Ensure you inform your readers from the beginning of your post that the article will provide them the solution to the problems you will discuss. This will keep them interested in reading the entire article. Once you have zeroed in on the problem and the best solution to the problem – only then – you should introduce your product as the perfect solution to the problem you have discussed earlier. By using this technique, approximately 30% (or about 1/3) of your website visitors should have developed an interest in your product, and this will translate into more sales for you.

  1. Introduce your product: After writing about the problem – offer a solution! Ensure you inform your readers from the beginning of your post that the article will provide them the solution to the problems you will discuss. This will keep them interested in reading the entire article. Once you have zeroed in on the problem and the best solution to the problem – only then – you should introduce your product as the perfect solution to the problem you have discussed earlier. By using this technique, approximately 30% (or about 1/3) of your website visitors should have developed an interest in your product, and this will translate into more sales for you.
  1. Get Your Products Reviewed: Nobody wants to be a lab rat. You need to get reviews for your products so that potential customers will believe in the authenticity of your products. You can create a special section on your website that is dedicated to review articles and video reviews. This is absolutely necessary! Nobody wants to be a victim of a fake product. It is your product reviews that will give customers the confidence to purchase your product or service. How do you get reviews before marketing your product? Good question – keep reading!
  1. Give Trial Versions: You should be able to track visitors who are interested in your product or service. You can do this by giving away a few days for them to try your product for free. Just set up a trail version or a free trial period. Tell interested customers to enter their email address and they will receive the trial version or a temporary access to your product for “X number of days” to help them solve the problem they are having. Tell them you want to help them solve their problem – even if they do not have the money or desire to purchase your product right now. This is a “win” in their eyes! They get the solution to the problem they want to solve with no commitment to ever purchasing the product. “Why would I want to that?” Because this will allow you to capture the email address of interested clients or customers so are able to conduct a proper follow-up cialis 5 prix. More than half of the people who take the free trial product or free trial period will continue with you once the free trial ends. You can then offer them a discount if they will provide a review of your product. Once they send the review, have your auto-responder send them a coupon code or a special link to the discounted price.

It is like the car salesman telling the potential customer to “Take the care home overnight…then bring it back in the morning – no obligation!” Once the potential customer takes the car home they experience the new car smell; it looks good in the driveway; the kids love it; the neighbors are commenting on it… – it almost sells itself. Most people who do this will buy the very next day! Just use the same psychology in your business!

  1. Sell the Product and Expand Your Business: If you follow all the steps above, you will probably see about a 30 – 40 percent conversion rate (on average). Since the essence of being in business is to make money, introduce other similar products to any customer that buys a product from you. Be sure to send newsletters to them at least twice a month. This will help you to get many repeat customers as well.


To sum all of this up, you may have your owner killer strategy. But you need to make sure you do not present your business as another money drainer to your visitors. If you do, nobody will do business with you. If you offer real solutions to real problems your visitors are facing – they will do business with you. Probably – repeat business. You should be more interested in helping people instead of getting sales.

I am interested in your feedback. So please do leave a comment below or click the link to my blog and leave a comment there.

How To Write An Article In 15 Minutes

How To Write An Article In Just 15 Minutes

The number one excuse I have heard for not writing blog posts or articles is, “I don’t have the time.” Although it is true Bob Thibodeau SUPER SMALLthat you can write an article without sufficient research, just for the sake of content, it usually will not go over well with your subscribers. Now, I’m just like the majority of the Internet marketers, I sometimes procrastinate, too. Sometimes, I just dread getting on the computer and beginning work (I know – hard to believe, right?)! You see, my business is such that when I sit down, it’s a good 5-6 hours each and every day! Anyhow, just like you, sometimes I will also put off my content creation for a later date. But I soon realized that doing so created serious consequences for my business.

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I soon began to lose a lot of my readership base. To deal with that problem, I thought of dedicating just 15 minutes a day to creating blog and article content. Just 15 minutes a day would sometimes go up to 45 minutes or more. To beat procrastination, you need to make your content creation a habit, like brushing your teeth or going out for a run in the morning. I now spend 15 – 20 minutes on my content creation as part of my morning ritual, without fail, and now it has become a daily habit. To be truthful, I do alternate between blog writing, article writing and product creation work. But it starts as part of the daily ritual.

Writing An Article In Just 15 Minutes

If you have good typing speeds, you should be able to type a 750-word article within 5 minutes or so, but that is not the case here. You should be creating “quality content.” You need to research your keywords and your competitor’s content – before writing the articles. You should always do this the day before.

Do a search of the keywords on the article topic you are thinking of writing the next day. This should be done immediately after you finish writing the article for this day. Everything will be fresh in your mind from the article you just finished. You may want the articles to build on one another. Sometimes it may be a completely new topic. Write down the extra keyword suggestions given by Google for use as your main keyword. Then open up the top ranking news, content, videos and images for the keyword and use that for the subject of your next article. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to search for the hash tags that are related to your keyword.

Doing all of this will give you a bird’s-eye view of the content that is available online for the keywords you should be searching for. Using hash tags, you can find the most shared and read articles on Facebook and Twitter. Copy the title of the articles and the important highlights of the articles body. You can also pick the best ranking pictures that are available for your keywords. You need to open up a new word document and paste the pictures, titles and highlights you gathered from multiple sources. What you now have is the skeleton of an excellent article.

Write your article from your reader’s perspective

The article in your competitors website is probably a well researched one, which is why it is ranking in the search engines. You can create an even better article by going through the comments on the articles in your competitor’s articles and blog posts, and begin to see the mindset of their readers. Find out what the readers want. In the case of news articles and topics related to politics, you can almost find out the political leanings of the person commenting on the news item. Write down the suggestion or ideas that the readers are suggesting for the articles. Go through the most liked comments on Facebook and write those down, too.

That’s it! That is all the work you should have to do to prepare for writing your article the next day. This is how build the skeleton or outline of your next article. That’s all of the hard work (which really is not all that hard).

The next morning, sit down and start writing the article (or, if you are doing everything the same morning, take a break if you want to). If you are doing the things I just mentioned, you can write an article efficiently within 15-20 minutes.

If possible, create a video for the article you just created (not longer than 3 minutes). The videos are helpful for some of your readers who may not want to read your articles at that moment. You should load the videos into YouTube and link them back to your article and blog site (Google loves you when you do that – and will reward you with increase SEO rankings)!

Post your articles with the hash tag based on the comments of your competitor’s articles. This will help you to get some initial hits and shares.

Avoid the typical excuse of “I don’t have the time to write.” I have just shown you how to do it while drinking a cup of coffee! And you should be able to have the article finished, uploaded and begin researching tomorrow’s article – before the coffee gets cold.

Talk Soon!



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Use Email to Build Relationships – Not To Sell

Use Email to Build Relationships – Not To Sell

buy it Use your email to BUILD relationships with your clients – not to sell them!

Psychologically (and you may already know this), a real relationship is built using many different mediums. Conversations, video’s, in short questions, long questions, etc. I could list one hundred different ways for you to build a relationship with other people.

One hundred different ways that are REAL.

readme Fake is one way – like a billboard or a google ad.

buy it Email marketing, when you only use one kind of email to communicate with your list (or just 2 kinds in most marketers cases), for the most part, feels subconsciously like a cheap imitation – it just feels like a fake. Like you are a cheat.

And fakes cannot be trusted.

That is why so many marketers find that their readers do not trust them or bond with them. The emails they send out seem “fake.” 

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They can be delivering great content, but if the relationship itself feels fake, then no bonding occurs. No bonding means you are not connecting at the subconscious level where the prospect can learn to trust what you are saying.

click here And you MUST have bonding in order to build relationships.

 And you MUST build relationships to build long term customers.

 And you MUST have long term customers in order to have coaching clients.

Coaching clients don’t enroll primarily based on the words on the sales page. Instead, the words on the sales page simply give them the information and the boost (the push) to take action. But they choose (subconsciously) to coaching with YOU because of the relationship that has ALREADY been developed.

And you could send them a full book each day of great content, but it wouldn’t build relationships. And only a very rare person would ever join your coaching program.

Maybe one way to look at this is that your email campaign is designed to build relationships so that people will trust you. Then they enroll in your coaching and trainings so that they can learn from you.

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Each email style in your email campaign is just a tool. Remember that. But you need many tools. You can’t just send a hammer everyday. Or just send a wrench everyday. But one day a hammer, one day a wrench. Then one day a screwdriver, and soon you have the whole toolbox.

readme If done properly, your email campaign will build such a relationship, your clients will look forward to your emails – just to see what “tool” you have sent them that particular day!

Use email marketing simply to build a relationship with your clients. Do not try to sell them through the emails. You may mention a new product, service, etc. and “how this might be something you could use.” That should be the extent of your selling through the email. Just provide a link and say, “You can check it out and get more information “here” (and provide the link).

Let the sales page do the selling. The sales page will provide all of the information the prospect needs in determining if the product is “right” for them.

Do not try to “sell” using email marketing. Use your emails to build trust and to “bond” with your client. Provide useful information FREE of charge through your emails. Then, when you do offer a product, service, etc. – the client will figure “This must really be good! If the stuff he/she gave away worked… this must really good stuff!”

Relationships. Bonding. Trust. Those are the ONLY things you need to concentrate on using email marketing.

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List Building Techniques

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List Building Techniques that you can use – TODAY – to build your list and begin to have an actual mentor relationship with those on your list (instead of trying to “sell” them something all of the time)!

buy it List building is the process of converting the traffic that comes to your website into subscribers and followers by capturing their emails. The capture of the emails is done in an ethical manner and with the permission of the visitor. To help facilitate getting the visitor’s permission to capture their email and to contact them again, you should offer something of a perceived to value to the visitor in exchange for their email address.

List building should be a process of building rapport with the visitors to your website instead of trying to “sell” them something all of the time. These are already people who are interested in your product or services. These visitors may be interested in what you have to offer but they are probably not yet willing to buy your product or services for a fee.

canada goose The potential customer who is interested in your product or service will usually need more time to think about buying your product or service. In a competitive marketplace, the customers have a lot of choices and the customer who has an interest in your product may actually purchase the product of your competitor. From the business point of view, this means you are losing your sales to your competitor.

The best thing to do in such a situation (and especially if you are new to the Internet Marketing business) is to start list building by offering quality information for FREE! Remember you are investing a lot of money on SEO and advertising to bring a customer to your website. You do not want them to just visit and leave your website do you?

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List building is not about quantity – but QUALITY

celine handbags You need to build a list of quality prospects, and also loyal customers, who have an interest in your business. Whenever a customer gets to your website through organic searches, you need to offer something to provide temporary relief to a problem they are facing. For example, if you are selling weight loss exercise videos, then you should offer your visitors a simple exercise video for free. You can ask for the visitor’s email address so you can send them a link to the video. The video should be of high quality and useful to the customer. It is very easy to host the video on YouTube (more information on how to do this will in a later article).

canada goose You should also give the customer a summary of the things he/she would learn by viewing the video in order to entice them to provide you their email address. Once the customer fills in their contact information, they should be sent a “Thank You” from your auto-responder with a link to the video included. In a day or two, you should have your auto-responder send information on a related product. For example, perhaps an exercise video course. Be sure to outline the benefits the customer will receive by purchasing the course from you. Include one or two bonuses that will help the customer out as well.  If they do not purchase right away, in a few days, have your auto-responder send them another short video for free. Then offer them an opportunity to purchase the video course again.

celine handbags You should always provide a money back guarantee to increase the potential customer’s interest in trying out your product. Once the customer is satisfied with the quality of the product, move him/her to another list related to the first product. In our example of the exercise videos, perhaps a related product would be “weight loss” information. You need to sell your backend products through this and other lists, using the initial free video as the “hook” to capture their email address in the beginning.

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List building is actually more powerful than SEO

out site The customers in your list are the lifeline of your business. If you treat these customers with care and not try to sell them four or five times per month, they will become LOYAL customers. Then, whenever you produce another useful product, all you will need to do in order to sell the product is to mention it in your email updates. Again, I want to emphasize that you should NOT try to sell your list several times per month. But you should communicate with them three to four times per week with free QUALITY information they can use. The customer will figure if you are “giving away” this kind of information, then the information contained in your courses must be GREAT! 

It is very difficult to get your website to rank for highly targeted keywords using paid traffic. I do not recommend using paid traffic at all. I like to use “Give Away” lists to build my mailing list. It is possible to add over 1,000 new subscribers in just about one week’s time. Add them to your auto-responder and then weed them out after about 60 days of emailing them. Some will purchase your product and you can add these to your “buyer list.” Then delete the others. Using this method helps your email analytics out as well. By offering your lists quality information for FREE, you will increase their trust level in your information and they will be eager to purchase your paid info products.  Using these list building tips will help you to make sales and to retain the potential customers interested in your business or services.

Money is in the list

buy it The customers who buy products or services from you are more likely to buy again – IF you treat them well and do not continuously hound them for more money through repeated attempts at making sales. Keep them interested in your business by giving them FREE, quality information they can use. You can give them freebies and things that they normally would pay for elsewhere (your competitors). Then, whenever you are doing a major launch of a new product or service (perhaps a membership program), all you have to do is to “mention it” to your loyal customers in your list and sales will pour in!

Smart business owners will also ask their customers to refer others to your business. You can offer them a discount on a product for doing so. This will help to get your name and product to other people who never know your website even existed.

I seen a statistic one time that something to the effect of, “A satisfied customer will tell 3-4 others about your business…but a disgruntled customer will tell 10-20 others…”  So, bottom line, take care of your email list and it will take care of you!

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Email Marketing

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Email Marketing

canada goose Email marketing is not something you have to be afraid of. If done correctly, it will grow your business faster than you could even imagine. But if done incorrectly, it will destroy your business faster than you could ever imagine.

out site If you own a website, then the next best thing you need to do is to build rapport with the visitors of your website. You do this by investing in email marketing. Email marketing is all about sending commercial email messages to a group of people who have given their permission to receive those emails.

Email marketing can help turn a visitor to your site into a potential customer. A visitor to your site may be looking for information related to his/her problems. He/she may read an article on your website that addresses the problem. If your website is selling a product or service that helps to alleviate the problem, then the visitor may buy the product or service you are offering to help them overcome their problem. There are many factors that affect the customer’s decision on purchasing your product. It may be due to the price or the problem they are facing may not be that severe (i.e. they could do something to get temporary relief from the problem). Either way, Email Marketing is designed to let potential customers know that your website is offering information that addresses their need or problem.

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canada goose The average visitor to your website will probably leave your website forever after reading a couple of articles instead of buying your product or service. Most potential customers look for solutions that are free instead of paying for a product or service. If you want to sell products or services to your website visitors, you will need to build rapport with the customer and educate them about the products you are selling. The best way to build a relationship with your customer is to get their email address. Once you have their email address, you can contact them whenever you want and educate them about the benefits of your product or service.

Contacting and sending personalized emails to each and every one who subscribes to your newsletter is virtually impossible if you grow your list into the hundreds or thousands. In this case, you need to send personalized commercial emails. The problem is, your potential customer’s in-boxes may be flooded with promotional emails from various companies in your niche, especially in a competitive marketplace. It is very common to find your emails arriving with other marketers. Each email has the same goal: sell a product or service. You need to make sure your email stands apart from those other emails (which will be marked as spam by the potential customers) you need to provide informative FREE content to your readers.

Informative FREE content in your commercial emails will have bits and pieces of information for getting rid of the problem the customer is facing. You can include solutions that give temporary relief to the customer (something they can implement immediately for temporary relief). Once the customer finds that the information in your emails actually works, he/she will begin to think of investing in your products or services. The first 2 to 3 emails should focus on the solution for the problem and indirectly hinting to your customer about your products. Most customers will purchase your product by then. You can also give them special reductions that will expire after a time period in order to increase the urgency in buying the product.

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out site You can learn a lot about your customer by observing the response rate and other statistics of the emails you send. With the help of professional auto-responders, you can do split tests of your emails. You can divide your email subscribers into groups and send a different set of mails to each group. Even a slight change in the subject lines can increase the open rate of your emails to 70%.

celine handbags As an internet marketer you cannot shy away from email marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other social media advertising can only bring a potential customer to your site. The only way to make a visitor into a customer is by building a relationship with them. Email marketing is the best way you can help visitors with their problem and turn them into a customer. If you are effectively using the technology available today within email marketing, then the customer can be converted to a repetitive buyer of your products or services.

The number one warning about email marketing is to make sure you are only adding email addresses to your list with their permission. Using a “double opt-in” is currently the easiest and safest way to make sure you are obtaining the clients permission to send them future emails. Any other way could back-fire on you and you could be banned from your auto-responder if you are not obtaining permission before sending emails to others.

Email marketing, when done correctly, will turn website visitors into customers. Email marketing will help you to build rapport with your email list and sell products and services to your email list. Not every person on your list will buy from you. But if you are continually offering quality information to your list, the majority will probably purchase something at some point in the future. Just be sure you are not sending so many emails that it becomes labeled as “spam” by your email list.

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I personally do not like to send more than 2-3 emails per week – and that is just for the coaching lessons. If I am only sending informative emails to my list, it is no more than 2 per week. Just enough to keep my name in front of the potential client and to provide quality information to them on a regular basis.

readme Bottom line, if you are not doing email marketing, you probably will have a very difficult time in Internet Marketing. The old adage is absolutely true: “The money is in the list.” Communicate consistently with your list with quality communications and you will reap a very nice reward.

If you want to learn the correct ways to use email marketing to make your first sales online, check out my “Four Weeks to Your First Online Sale” course!  Just click any of the links in this post or the link at the top of the page for more information.

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Learn to Become an Expert in Your Niche

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Learn to Become an Expert In Your Niche

buy it <img class=" wp-image-389 alignleft" src="×300.png" alt="Bob Thibodeau SUPER SMALL" width="116" height="129" srcset="×300.png 268w, http://www.bobthibodeau achat cialis 276w” sizes=”(max-width: 116px) 100vw, 116px” />Learn to become an expert in your niche. This is one of the greatest difficulties you need to overcome as an internet marketer, blogger or website owner is proving to your target audience that you are an expert in your chosen niche. It is critical to pass the message to your audience that you understand what you are discussing with the goal that they can believe you. Trust is the only thing that will help you to convert your readers to faithful followers, loyal readers and consistent customers.

Discover Your Passion: The first thing for anyone thinking of going into online marketing is to first identify the products or services to offer online. The internet is not a place where money is plucked off of trees. Rather it is a platform where you work, sell goods or services (and information) to those that trust you – and only then can you begin to earn some money. In order to earn the respect and authority you desire online, it is strongly advised that you go into what you already have a passion for. By doing so, even if you are not yet making the income you want, your passion for what you do will keep you going. This will definitely help you to become an expert (and identified as such in your niche) a whole lot easier. Doing what you have a passion for will encourage you to learn more. This will allow you to earn more money, and in the process, to get more followers and clients.

click here Start a professional blog in your niche: The fact that you know a certain thing very well does not mean you will start earning money or respect from across your niche. Earning respect has to do with showcasing your skills and what you do best. And to do this, you need to write out your knowledge in blog posts. Write! Write! And then, write some more!  When you keep writing, in your blog posts, things that bring value to other people’s lives and actually helps them out, your readers begin to respect you. They will become your followers and they will begin to regard you as an expert. Besides, your followers will push you to learn even more. They will ask you questions that will cause you do more research to provide them the correct answers to their problems. This push for you to learn more will translate into you becoming the “go to guy” in your niche! The expert!

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Write for other professional blogs in your niche: This is very important because you do not get noticed immediately after you decide to enter the Internet Marketing business. Just because you set up a website does not make you an authority in anyone’s eyes. The best way to get noticed is by guest blogging on already established blogs in your niche. You do not need to start telling people you are an authority (that is a big no-no)! You need to prove you are an authority by writing quality articles and putting a link to your blog or website so people can ask you questions. By doing this, readers of that blog, who like what you wrote, may visit your blog or website and ask you questions. This will increase your followers in the long run. Also, when people search for information in your niche, there is a greater chance that your article will come up on the search engines. Hence, you earn greater authority in your niche and you become viewed as “an expert.”

out site Interview Experts:  If you want to become an expert, you must learn from other experts. It is as simple as that. There are no lone wolf’s who succeed in Internet Marketing. You must find a coach that you trust. If you are just starting out, take the time to research and read articles by others in your niche. Just because someone says “I am a guru” does not mean they know how to help you. They may only know how to take your money by selling their products! You need to find someone who provides quality information on their blog site for free. They may have additional products, services or information they may charge for, but much of the information they provide for free should tell you what they know about that niche. If they provide quality information for free, the paid product should be even better!  So, find yourself  a coach in your niche you feel comfortable with and that you can build a relationship with. This will allow you to ask them questions if you run into a problem. You can ask them if they ever had this type of problem and how they overcame it. You should be able to ask them for advice and, perhaps, even do a joint venture with them in the future!

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celine bags click here Attend Seminars:  The day you stop learning is the day you start dying! Keep learning, attend seminars, read books and read other professional blogs. When you continue learning, you will always be on top of your game. Continuous learning will keep you abreast of current happenings in your niche and you will be up-to-date about new technology in your niche.

canada goose Stay focused: The greatest killer of any career is pride. Many people become egocentric when they attain a certain level of success in their niche. They begin to feel as if they “have arrived.” However, this type of attitude will do more harm than good in the long run. Because once pride set in, you will begin to view others as inferior to yourself. You will begin to look down on other marketers, authors, seminars and books as inferior. This will begin to come across in how you interact with your followers. This will begin to kill your business and you will not even know why.

out site In the end, never stop learning. Never stop sharing what you know. Never stop writing in your blog (a major turnoff is to click through a link to read a blog and find out it has not been updated in several months). Ask for help from those you consider more knowledgeable than you in your niche. Visit other marketers blogs and leave comments. Ask if you can write a guest blog for them. Go to and sign up as a contributor. Research your niche and stay up-to-date on the latest twists and turns and new technology. Soon, you will be considered an expert that others will seek out. This will help you to grow your online business even more.

celine bags Talk Soon,

out site Bob

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Why Amateur’s Encounter Scams and Frauds Instead of Money

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Amateur’s Encounter Scams and Frauds Instead of Money.

Almost everyone who gets into internet marketing wants only one thing -“Money!” And the mindset most feel is “the quicker they get it, the better.” Most people fail to realize that internet marketing is like any other offline business: You need to have something to sell, and to sell “that thing,” you need to market your business. You need to know how to avoid the scams and frauds that are out there.

celine handbags You also need to have some form of payment processor to bill your customers for your service. People make money by either working for a business or starting their own business. In the online world you do the same thing. If you need to make money online, then you need to start delivering products or services that add value to your customers. If you are not delivering value, you will not make a living online (or in a business offline, either)!

buy it There is no “get rich quick scheme”

If you are new to Internet Marketing, then you will see a lot of “bright, shiny objects.” This is the name veteran marketers give to the latest fads that claim to help you make a lot of money, very fast. These are scams run almost totally by fraudsters. Their only intention is to extort money from those who do not know better. Their target market is the new people venturing into Internet Marketing. Namely, you!

The e-books or the videos these guys supply is information that is available for free online. These books will do you no good, no matter how good they claim to be. Avoid purchasing e-books and guides without getting your feet wet in the Internet Marketing world. If you will just take a little bit of time to do your own research, you will be able to save a lot of money.

My adage, that I continue to harp to my clients in my membership training classes, is to “never purchase any product (other than the basics to get set up) until you make the money through your business to actually purchase it.” In other words, get your website and business up and running BEFORE you buy an of the “latest gadgets and software” that claim you can make millions of dollars by this time next week!

The Good News

You need to start learning what works and what does not work by learning from people who actually make money online. Search for Internet Marketing forums and blogs by other Internet Marketers. You can meet a lot of professional marketers as well as lot of like-minded amateur Internet Marketers in these forums. Go and read through the pages. Look for free resources and tools which can enable you to set up your own website. Never shy away from searching and learning about something that you do not know. You will be amazed at the information that is readily available online – for FREE!

canada goose buy it The first website that I started was a ministry website. But I stumbled around and finally found someone who was able and willing to answer my questions and help me in the set up. The only cost associated was the hosting fee and the domain name. I finally got the website to where I liked the “feel” of it – and began to advertise it. I never went in for the “fads” of the time. I did it all my self. The results? I began to receive some orders for the products (books and CD’s) where were offered for sale through the website. I could have wasted thousands of dollars using “the next best thing” when the old-fashioned way saved me money (and made some money) in the process.

buy it About three years ago, I decided to enter the Internet Marketing business for myself (separate from the ministry, which continues to operate – but is a “not for profit” ministry. This business venture was set up as if I had a traditional “business” for the intent to “make money in exchange for services or products”).

click here The most important lesson I learned quickly about online business was the need to reinvest the money you make online in order to make more money. There is risk involved. But it is a business and Internet Marketing is a very serious business. I spent thousands of dollars chasing “the latest fad” (the bright, shiny objects), before I learned the main lesson I now live by and teach. “Start with the basics and when the money comes in – then and only then – decide on what product will help your business grow.”

click here I purchased a “done for you” website done by a “guru.” I did not know how to add to the content, change the content or even how to operate it. I had to “go through them” for everything. After about two months of no sales at all – I cancelled. Guess what, after I cancelled, I had “zero” customer support! I basically dumped the website and started over. Once I learned how to set up a website, I discovered I had more control over it. I was able to get professional designs to suit my website and style.

Having your own website, though, is just the beginning. There is a lot of work involved to make your website a success. My definition of a successful online business is “having a website that makes money for you by providing valuable service to the customers who use the website.” The websites maintenance cost comes from the income of the website itself.

Growing your online business

Once I had found that I was achieving a small level of success, I stopped writing content for the website. I was making money through “Ad Sense” advertisements (you can search for what it is and how it works on YouTube) and I became lazy and unmotivated. My income started dwindling because my regular readers left the blog due to the lack of fresh content. By the time I realized the mistake I was making – I had not updated the site in almost three months! I was adding more advertisements on my website trying to make more income from the traffic coming from the search engines. This was another big mistake (and it lost my search engine rankings in the process as well). In other words, I lost all the way around!

From studying my mistakes, I discovered that you need to keep growing your business at all times. It is a never-ending process. So I started writing regular content again. I slowly changed from strictly selling products to a membership program. I also introduced a newsletter for my free members. The newsletter enables me to send emails to my subscriber’s with ease. The membership program is designed to provide information on how to start and grow your business while avoiding the traps that I (and others) encountered.

click here Believe me when I say that making money online is possible – if you play the game right and put in a lot of hard work and creativity. Do what is necessary to grow your business instead of looking for an e-book or “latest and greatest” gadget that claims to provide you with an “overnight” success story.

canada goose Slow and steady will win just about every time! The membership program started small. It took a little while to catch on. But I continued to manage it as if it had 100 members. This “practice” identifies the bumps and things that you must do to work better. Don’t try to get rich overnight – you will lose almost every time. Less than 1% actually make the overnight success story.

celine bags Go slow. Build slow. Stay in the game. WIN the game!

Are you interested in beginning a career in internet marketing? I have a “beginners course”  that goes into this area with you. My “Four Weeks to Your First Online Income” is something that will give you the information you need to start successful and be successful. And it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! So if, at the end of the course, you still have not made your first sale, just ask for your money back! That is how much I believe in this program. Go to link above or click HERE to enroll in the “Four Weeks to Your First Online Income”!

Pt 10 – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

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Pt 10 – Top 10 Reasons Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

And Finally, #10 (and in my opinion – the #1 Reason Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail) is:

Getting Greedy

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Money. That is the reason 99.9% of internet marketers on doing what they do.  As a matter of fact, 99.9% of ALL businesses are in the business to make money.  There may be one or two here and there that are in it for the “service.”  But even then, if they are not making money soon, their business will die.

The problem most newbie internet marketers have (as I covered in a prior posts) is that many start out in a time when their budget least affords them the opportunity to fail. They may be in between jobs and the unemployment just ran out. Now they decide they need to make some money and make it fast.

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

They go online to research “How to make money online” and, instead of doing quality research in how to set up a quality business (which might take them 30 days or so), they see some scam site that tells them “How to make thousands of dollars in just 48 hours.”  Well, since they need money “yesterday” –  which site do they go with? The one that will take 30 days and $300 or so? Or the one that will take “48 hours” and only cost them $250?

Then, as they get the material from the “Thousands in 48 hours” and begin to read it, they realize they do not have a website, autoresponder, PayPal account, a product or an email list.  So they begin to research how to put those things together.  Now they are out an additional couple of hundred dollars.

So, about seven to ten days into this “new business venture” (and the bills are still needing to be paid), they receive an email for a “done for you” system. It will cost a few hundred dollars more, but at least they will be “up and running in just two days.”  So, they sign up for that.

Sure enough, two days later,  they get the access information and passwords to “their online business.”  It looks GREAT!  Now, they are told, all they have to do is drive traffic to their site.  (How do they do that?  They have no clue).  So now they go and research traffic generation.

<a href="http://www.bobthibodeau generic cialis” target=”_blank”>Four Weeks to Your First Sale

What do they find?  They can have an email list of thousands in no time at all – with this “new system” that is going to revolutionize how to grow email lists. Well, that sounds like something they desperately need. So, they spend a hundred or so dollars on that system.  Then they find out they have to visit blog sites and FaceBook posts and leave comments and wait for back links, etc.

Now, almost an entire month has gone by. The bills still are not paid. They have spent close to a thousand dollars (that could have been used to pay the bills).  They are now really, really desperate.  But, the newbie internet marketer rationalizes, they have a website, they have a small email list (of maybe 50 people)…so they launch…

…and nothing happens.

No sales.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Zero money.

Why didn’t anybody buy “my product” or buy “my affiliate” promotion?

The main reason they failed: they wanted quick rewards. They were looking for a quick buck.  They wanted to make some money FIRST, so they could believe it works, before “giving” something of value.  That may work in “brick and mortar” businesses, where you hang your merchandise in the store window and passerby’s will see it, want it, come in and buy it.  The customer does not do the research by going to another store 10 miles way to see if they can get the same shirt for $5 less.  It is impulse buying.

celine handbags Four Weeks to Your First Sale

But, in an internet based business, with literally thousands of different websites possibly offering the exact same product at either a cheaper price (or the exact same price PLUS BONUSES) – a brick and mortar mentality just will not work. 

If you were researching the purchase of a product, and found two websites. One had 750 satisfied customers and the other had zero, none. And the product was the exact same price. Which website would you feel more comfortable ordering from?  This is what the newbie internet marketer is facing.

In Internet Marketing, one of the first things a newbie internet marketer MUST LEARN, is they have to GIVE VALUE before asking for money.  The newbie internet marketer feels if they give value first, they are losing something. But that is a complete falsehood.

As a matter of fact, in most areas of life, if you GIVE first, then you will be GIVEN TO in return!

Think about the “love of your life.”  More than likely, you expressed your feelings (giving your heart – opening up to possible rejection) and then received the confirmation of mutual feelings (and that “phew” moment)!  It’s the same in internet marketing.

It’s also true in your day job (or your regular job). You go to work, often for a week or two weeks at a time – and then get paid. You do not get paid first and then show up at work. It just doesn’t work that way.

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

Well, in Internet Marketing, you work for your “audience” (your prospects) and then get paid on the back end with sales.  How do you “work” first?  By GIVING AWAY good, quality products. Show them you can be trusted. Show them the quality of products you are going to supply them with.

In the process of giving them something first, make sure it is something that will help them solve a particular problem.  Try to teach them how to achieve their goals. Give them some solid advice on their situation.  Then, towards the end of the product (or better yet, in a separate email), promote your other products in that line of marketing.

celine bags For example, let’s say you give them a “Top 5 Way’s to Generate Traffic.”  And you put out a squeeze page where they can provide you their email address in exchange for a pdf report on that subject. Make sure the “Top 5 Way’s” are truly “Top 5 Way’s to Generate Traffic.”  This will provide them with good information they can use NOW.

Then follow up with them. Ask them if they received the free pdf report. Ask them what issues they are having in their business. (Probably their biggest issue is “traffic” since that is what they wanted from you).  If they respond with something else, try to find a product (an affiliate product if you do not have one) that will try to help them.


canada goose Four Weeks to Your First Sale

If you do this one thing (and do it with quality products and in a timely manner), and not try to “force” them into buying something they really do not need – you will begin to receive business orders and even some repeat customers.

But do not try to promote your other products without giving a quality product first. And when you begin to expand your business, send your emails to your existing list first – with a FREE product sample of what you are offering. For example, let’s just assume your specialty is “List Building.”  Offer the “Top 5 Ways to Generate Traffic” and then send the offer to your list on “Traffic Generation.” 

If your first product was “Setting Up WordPress” and now your are offering the traffic generation product – GIVE AWAY your “Top 5 Ways…” pdf to your list as proof you know what you are talking about.  That is how you generate repeat sales from your list.

canada goose By now, you should have a pretty clear overview of the “Top 10 Ways Newbie Internet Marketers Fail.”  If you try your best to avoid these 10 things, your business will become successful faster than most newbies are usually able to get going.  But, I want to leave you ONE MORE THOUGHT…

I want to give you the NUMBER ONE REASON (and the biggest mistake you could make) for failing at internet marketing.  “Failing to take action!”  That will effectively kill your dream of being successful.

But, you do not have to navigate this business alone.  Throughout these articles, I have had links to my “Four Weeks to Your First Sale” site.  I highly recommend it and ask you to do yourself a favor and at least check it out. If you do not think it is for you, that’s fine. It’s not for everybody.  But, if it will help to at least take those first tentative steps to success – it could be the best investment you will ever make.

Here’s to your online marketing success!

Bob Thibodeau

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

Pt 9 – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

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Pt – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

Reason #9: They Lack of Confidence

celine bags canada goose This may sound like a repeat – but it is so important and overlaps in so many different areas, I feel it needs its own category. Lack of confidence will kill the business of many newbie internet marketers.  They begin with some lofty (and often misguided) plans.  As they get deeper into the planning of the business model, things often do not appear as “rosy” as they first seemed.

It is so easy to think, “I will build a website; put some products on there; and sit back and collect the money as people order the products online.  This is going to be great!”  But then reality begins to set in.

The website is more technical than first envisioned and is taking even longer to set up than planned. Then there is the autoresponder (some may ask themselves “What is that for anyway?”).  Then there is the PayPal account. There is product generation. There is the problem of generating traffic. There is web hosting. There is product support. Advertising.

And the list just continues to grow.

View on YouTube

Four Weeks to Your First Online Income

Soon, the newbie internet marketer begins to think, “This is getting far more technical than I thought it was going to be.”  So, one day over coffee, they confide in a friend or relative about what their plans are.  The “friend” tells them about another “friend of theirs who knew somebody that tried that internet marketing thing and lost thousands of dollars.” 

These seeds of doubt begin to take root in the newbie internet marketers mind as they continue to struggle to put together the “perfect” website and business model.

But continued delays only seem to get worse as the newbie internet marketer realizes he or she is not as computer savvy as they first thought. And every time they have lunch with the “friend,” they are asked again “how the internet business is going?  Have you made any money yet?” 

And when they reply “No, not yet,” they get the look (we all know “the look,” don’t we)?

This just erodes away their confidence even more.

In order to do well, in order to hold their head high in their friends presence, the newbie internet marketer needs to launch their business model as soon as possible. 

My recommendation is to launch “something” within in the first 30 days (45 days at the latest). 

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

Even if it is not perfect – at least get something out there!  As I covered last time, test and evaluate, make adjustments and then launch again. Then test and evaluate, make adjustments and then launch again. Then test and evaluate, etc. UNTIL consistent sales begin to develop.

Then STOP testing and launch BIG.  Begin to send MASSIVE amounts of traffic to the site. Capitalize on the new found success. Recoup the money that was initially spent.  Set aside some of the income to upgrade and prepare for the next product launch.

Remember, I covered in the beginning to only buy new upgraded software, etc. with money that was made from initial sales. This is where that can now happen.  There was no use spending money or driving massive amounts of traffic to an unproven system. Now that there is some success – drive traffic and make some money!

Nothing will build confidence quicker than money showing up in your bank account on a consistent basis!  But the newbie internet marketer MUST have the confidence TO FAIL! 

celine bags That may sound wrong, but remember what I have been saying throughout this series, a newbie internet marketer MUST LAUNCH as soon as possible or face the possibility of never launching; never realizing their dream and never knowing if they could have made it or not.

canada goose But, by launching, evaluating, tweaking and then launching again – the time will come with the newbie internet marketer will know what worked and what did not.  Then they will be able to repeat what worked on a faster basis next time.  And make money that much faster!Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

If you are struggling with making your first online income – check out this resource I have “Four Weeks to Your First Online Income.”

You can see a video discussing this area HERE.

Talk Soon,


Four Weeks to Your First Sale


Pt 8 – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

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Pt 8 – Top 10 Reasons Why Newbie Internet Marketers Fail

<img class=" wp-image-389 alignleft" src=" Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download-Thibodeau-SUPER-SMALL-268×300.png” alt=”BobWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Thibodeau SUPER SMALL” width=”166″ height=”185″ srcset=” Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download-Thibodeau-SUPER-SMALL-268×300.png 268w, Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download-Thibodeau-SUPER-SMALL.png 276w” sizes=”(max-width: 166px) 100vw, 166px” />They Plan More and Do Little



Many newbie internet marketers want to have the “perfect” website before they launch their business model. They constantly are tweaking and changing things, small things, as they get closer and closer to their launch. They push important things off until just before the deadline, then use that as an excuse NOT to launch! Procrastination!

Then, as they go back and work a little on the one problem that stopped their launch, they notice something else and begin working on that. This will then lead to something else they could “make better.”  All the while, they have not finished working on the major problem that stopped them in their tracks. 

Why is this?  Procrastination!

Well, normally, before they began their online marketing efforts, the newbie internet marketer has a plan. In their minds eye, it’s a good plan. They may not have all of the information to make a “go – no go” decision at the moment, but they have a plan.  The plan makes sense to them. It seems as if it will work. So they begin the process of putting the pieces together to make it happen.

Four Weeks to Your First Sale

Then, reality sets in. They realize they are getting into an area they know little about. Or if they are knowledgeable in the subject matter, they are stumbling in how to market it online. So, they slow down. They begin to study. They begin to buy “shiny objects” that are touted as helping them in this new business (we covered the “Shiny Object Syndrome” in a prior post).

Although they have planned what they are supposed to do, they really are hesitant in the implantation because they are not sure if they have “everything covered.”  The major problem that most newbie internet marketers have is they plan more than they can actually do.  They end up not doing anything but “tweaking” their plan.  Procrastination!

They end up not meeting their target launch date and some of the actually just give up and quit the marketing plan altogether.  Money and time just wasted in preparation and they never even pushed the launch button to see if it would work!

Building a successful internet business takes time. Even the pro’s do not do it overnight.  It is possible that it could take several months to achieve the first sale (and even that might be an overestimation)!  If the marketer does not give up, they will usually have “some level” of success. And that is to be praised!

Four Weeks To Your First Sale

Once the first sale has come in, it is important to review WHY that sale happened. Did you use a new traffic source? Was there a new sales page? Was there a new squeeze page? What was different in this marketing effort than prior sales?

All of these factors must be considered. This is why it is so important to just LAUNCH the business model you have worked on. Then, if nothing happens, tweak ONE THING and try again. Most newbie marketers will change three, four or more things and relaunch. But the problem with that is they will never know WHICH item caused the positive result.

Do not worry about putting together the PERFECT website or squeeze page or sales page or marketing plan.  Get the basics together; make it look good; put quality products on there – and LAUNCH THE BUSINESS MODEL!!!

If no sales happen, change ONE THING and launch again!  If nothing happens, change that back to the original and change something else and launch again!  It may take seven or eight different launches before the first sale happens.  Once it does happen, keep the last thing that was changed and go back and change something else.  Then launch again. Reevaluate and repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Soon enough, you will have the “perfect” site for your product. Then you can sit back (momentarily) and enjoy the success.  Then go and pick a different product and begin the process all over again.

The problem with most newbie internet marketers is – procrastination! They plan more and do little.  Just put together the basics and launch your business. Then adjust on the fly. You will be amazed at the results you will see and achieve.

Talk Soon,

BobWatch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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View a YouTube video discussing this subject by clicking this link